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$10,000,000 Marriage Proposal (Patterson, James)

(2011) You Know What's Going On (Steinhauer, Olen)

10 Lb. Penalty (Francis, Dick)

100 Years of the Best American Short Stories (Moore, Lorrie)

11 Harrowhouse (Browne, Gerald A.)

11/22/63 (King, Stephen)

113 Minutes (Patterson, James)

1867 (Moore, Christopher)

18mm Blues (Browne, Gerald A.)

19 Purchase Street (Browne, Gerald A.)

1919 (Dos Passos, John)

1Q84 (Murakami, Haruki)

206 Bones (Reichs, Kathy)

21 Stories (Greene, Graham)

212 (Burke, Alafair)

24 Hours (Iles, Greg)

3 Truths and a Lie (Gardner, Lisa)

32 Cadillacs (Gores, Joe)

36 Yalta Boulevard (Steinhauer, Olen)

4.50 From Paddington (Christie, Agatha)

52 Pickup (Leonard, Elmore)

61 Hours (Child, Lee)

A Beggar in Jerusalem (Wiesel, Elie)

A Bend in the River (Naipaul, V.S.)

A Book of American Martyrs (Oates, Joyce Carol)

A Book of Night Women (James, Marlon)

A Box of Matches (Baker, Nicholson)

A Brief History of Seven Killings (James, Marlon)

A Caribbean Mystery (Christie, Agatha)

A Cold Day in Paradise (Hamilton, Steve)

A Cold Heart (Kellerman, Jonathan)

A Collection of Essays (Orwell, George)

A Collection of Poems: Robert Frost (Frost, Robert)

A Confederacy of Dunces (Toole, John Kennedy)

A Coyote's in the House (Leonard, Elmore)

A Cry In the Night (Clark, Mary Higgins)

A Damsel in Distress (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A Dangerous Fortune (Follett, Ken)

A Dark-Adapted Eye (Rendell, Ruth)

A Darkness Absolute (Armstrong, Kelley)

A Darkness More Than Night (Connelly, Michael)

A Deadly Shade of Gold (MacDonald, John D.)

A Death in China (Hiaasen, Carl)

A Death in Vienna (Silva, Daniel)

A Death in the Family (Agee, James)

A Delicate Truth (Le Carré, John)

A Dirty Job (Moore, Christopher)

A Doll's House (Ibsen, Henrik)

A Dreadful Murder (Walters, Minette)

A Fable (Faulkner, William)

A Fable (Faulkner, William)

A Farewell to Arms (Hemingway, Ernest)

A Fatal Grace (Penny, Louise)

A Fatal Inversion (Rendell, Ruth)

A Few Quick Ones (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A Fine Dark Line (Lansdale, Joe R.)

A Game of Ghosts (Connolly, John)

A God In Ruins (Uris, Leon)

A Great Reckoning (Penny, Louise)

A Guilty Thing Surprised (Rendell, Ruth)

A Gun for Sale (Greene, Graham)

A Handful of Dust (Waugh, Evelyn)

A Haunt of Murder (Doherty, Paul C.)

A Head Full of Ghosts (Tremblay, Paul)

A Heart So White (Marías, Javier)

A Hero of France (Furst, Alan)

A High Wind in Jamaica (Hughes, Richard)

A House for Mr. Biswas (Naipaul, V.S.)

A Is for Alibi (Grafton, Sue)

A Ladder to the Sky (Boyne, John)

A Last Goodbye (Jance, J. A.)

A Legacy of Spies (Le Carré, John)

A Letter of Mary (King, Laurie R.)

A Long Finish (Dibdin, Michael)

A Long Way Down (Hornby, Nick)

A Man of Means (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A Model World and Other Stories (Chabon, Michael)

A Monstrous Regiment of Women (King, Laurie R.)

A Morbid Taste for Bones (Peters, Ellis)

A More Perfect Union (Jance, J. A.)

A Morning for Flamingos (Burke, James Lee)

A Most Wanted Man (Le Carré, John)

A Murder Is Announced (Christie, Agatha)

A New Kind of War (Price, Anthony)

A New Lease of Death (Rendell, Ruth)

A Noble Radiance (Leon, Donna)

A Pale View of Hills (Ishiguro, Kazuo)

A Passage to India (Forster, E.M.)

A Pelican at Blandings (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A Perfect Spy (Le Carré, John)

A Place Called Freedom (Follett, Ken)

A Pocket Full of Rye (Christie, Agatha)

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Dubliners (Joyce, James)

A Pound of Prevention (Murphy, Warren)

A Prayer for Owen Meany (Irving, John)

A Prefect's Uncle (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A Proper Marriage (Lessing, Doris)

A Prospect of Vengeance (Price, Anthony)

A Purple Place for Dying (MacDonald, John D.)

A Question of Belief (Leon, Donna)

A Question of Blood (Rankin, Ian)

A Rare Benedictine (Peters, Ellis)

A Rare Book of Cunning Device (Aaronovitch, Ben)

A Red Death (Mosley, Walter)

A Ripple From the Storm (Lessing, Doris)

A Room Full of Bones (Griffiths, Elly)

A Rose for Emily and Other Stories: A Rose for Emily; The Hound; Turn About; That Evening Sun; Dry September; Delta Autumn; Barn Burning; An Odor of Verbena (Faulkner, William)

A Rule Against Murder (Penny, Louise)

A Sea of Troubles (Leon, Donna)

A Serpent's Tooth (Johnson, Craig)

A Shilling for Candles (Tey, Josephine)

A Simple Plan (Smith, Scott)

A Sleeping Life (Rendell, Ruth)

A Small Town in Germany (Le Carré, John)

A Son of the Circus (Irving, John)

A Song of Shadows (Connolly, John)

A Stained White Radiance (Burke, James Lee)

A Stolen Season (Hamilton, Steve)

A Stranger Is Watching (Clark, Mary Higgins)

A Suspension of Mercy (Highsmith, Patricia)

A Tapestry of Murders (Doherty, Paul C.)

A Taste For Death (O'Donnell, Peter)

A Thief of Time (Hillerman, Tony)

A Thousand Acres (Smiley, Jane)

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (Li, Yiyun)

A Time of Torment (Connolly, John)

A Time to Kill (Grisham, John)

A Touch of Death (Williams, Charles)

A Tournament of Murders (Doherty, Paul C.)

A Trick of the Light (Penny, Louise)

A Virgin In The Ice (Peters, Ellis)

A Visit From the Goon Squad (Egan, Jennifer)

A Wanted Man (Child, Lee)

A Widow for One Year (Irving, John)

A Wodehouse Miscellany: Articles & Stories (Wodehouse, P.G.)

A World Without Ice (Pollack, Henry)

About Face (Leon, Donna)

About Love and Other Stories (Chekhov, Anton)

About a Boy (Hornby, Nick)

Above Suspicion (Macinnes, Helen)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Grahame-Smith, Seth)

Absalom, Absalom! (Faulkner, William)

Absolute Friends (Le Carré, John)

Absolute Zero (Patterson, James)

Acid Rock (Murphy, Warren)

Acid Row (Walters, Minette)

Acqua Alta (Leon, Donna)

Across the River and Into the Trees (Hemingway, Ernest)

Act of Treason (Flynn, Vince)

Act of War (Thor, Brad)

Adam, One Afternoon (Calvino, Italo)

Adrian Mole and the Small Amphibians (Townsend, Sue)

Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Townsend, Sue)

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years (Townsend, Sue)

Adrian Mole: the Cappuccino Years (Townsend, Sue)

Adrian Mole: the Wilderness Years (Townsend, Sue)

Adultery (Coelho, Paulo)

Adultery & Other Choices (Dubus, Andre)

Affinity (Waters, Sarah)

After America (Birmingham, John)

After the End: An Owen Taylor Story (Patterson, James)

After the Funeral (Christie, Agatha)

Against All Enemies (Gilstrap, John)

Against Medical Advice: One Family's Struggle With an Agonizing Medical Mystery (Patterson, James)

Age of Iron (Coetzee, J.M.)

Agent in Place (Macinnes, Helen)

Aggressor (McNab, Andy)

Aground (Williams, Charles)

Air Raid (Murphy, Warren)

Airframe (Crichton, Michael)

Airs Above the Ground (Stewart, Mary)

Airships (Hannah, Barry)

Alaska (Michener, James)

Alice Adams (Tarkington, Booth)

All Dressed in White (Clark, Mary Higgins)

All That Remains (Cornwell, Patricia)

All Through the Night (Clark, Mary Higgins)

All by Myself, Alone (Clark, Mary Higgins)

All the Dead Lie Down (Walker, Mary Willis)

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky (Lansdale, Joe R.)

All the King's Men (Warren, Robert Penn)

All the Old Knives (Steinhauer, Olen)

All the Pretty Horses (McCarthy, Cormac)

All the Way (Williams, Charles)

Alone (Gardner, Lisa)

America, I Like You (Wodehouse, P.G.)

American Assassin (Flynn, Vince)

American Obsession (Murphy, Warren)

American Pastoral (Roth, Philip)

American Psycho (Ellis, Bret Easton)

American Rust (Meyer, Philipp)

American Spy (Wilkinson, Lauren)

Amerika (Kafka, Franz)

Among Others (Walton, Jo)

An American Marriage (Jones, Tayari)

An American Spy (Steinhauer, Olen)

An American Tragedy (Dreiser, Theodore)

An Ancient Evil (Doherty, Paul C.)

An Anonymous Girl (Hendricks, Greer)

An Artist of the Floating World (Ishiguro, Kazuo)

An Excellent Mystery (Peters, Ellis)

An Obvious Fact (Johnson, Craig)

An Old Fashioned War (Murphy, Warren)

An Old Woman and Her Cat (Lessing, Doris)

An Ordinary Life (Čapek, Karel)

An Unkindness of Ravens (Rendell, Ruth)

Anatomy of a Scandal: A Novel (Vaughan, Sarah)

And Then There Were None (Christie, Agatha)

And Then You Die (Dibdin, Michael)

And the Deep Blue Sea (Williams, Charles)

Angel Killer (Mayne, Andrew)

Angels Flight (Connelly, Michael)

Angels of Vengeance (Birmingham, John)

Angle of Investigation: Three Harry Bosch Stories (Connelly, Michael)

Angle of Repose (Stegner, Wallace)

Angry White Mailman (Murphy, Warren)

Animal Dreams (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Anna Karenina (Tolstoy, Leo)

Another Man's Moccasins (Johnson, Craig)

Any Man (Tamblyn, Amber)

Any Other Name (Johnson, Craig)

Appointment in Samarra (O'Hara, John)

Appointment with Death (Christie, Agatha)

April Evil (MacDonald, John D.)

Apt Pupil (King, Stephen)

Arabian Nightmare (Murphy, Warren)

Area 7 (Reilly, Matthew)

Aristophanes: The Complete Plays (Aristophanes)

Armada (Cline, Ernest)

Arthurian Romances (Troyes, Chretien de)

As I Lay Dying (Faulkner, William)

As Time Goes By (Clark, Mary Higgins)

As the Crow Flies (Johnson, Craig)

Ask the Parrot (Stark, Richard)

Assassins Play-Off (Murphy, Warren)

Assignment in Brittany (Macinnes, Helen)

Asymmetry (Halliday, Lisa)

At Bertram's Hotel (Christie, Agatha)

At Last (Aubyn, Edward St.)

Athabasca (MacLean, Alistair)

Athena (Banville, John)

Atlas Shrugged (Rand, Ayn)

Augustus (Williams, John)

Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Autobiographical Trilogy: Childhood, Youth, and Boyhood (Tolstoy, Leo)

Autumn (Smith, Ali)

Avalanche (Patterson, James)

Avenger (Forsyth, Frederick)

Aztec (Jennings, Gary)

Aztec Autumn (Jennings, Gary)

Aztec Blood (Jennings, Gary)

Aztec Fire (Jennings, Gary)

Aztec Rage (Jennings, Gary)

Aztec Revenge (Jennings, Gary)

B Is for Burglar (Grafton, Sue)

Bachelors Anonymous (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Back of Beyond (Box, C. J.)

Back to Bologna (Dibdin, Michael)

Backflash (Stark, Richard)

Bad Blood (Sandford, John)

Bad Boy Brawly Brown (Mosley, Walter)

Bad Chili (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Bad Haircut (Perrotta, Tom)

Bad Love (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Bad Luck and Trouble (Child, Lee)

Bad Monkey (Hiaasen, Carl)

Bad News (Westlake, Donald E.)

Bad News (Aubyn, Edward St.)

Badlands (Box, C. J.)

Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Balance of Power (Murphy, Warren)

Baltimore Noir (Lippman, Laura)

Bamboo Dragon (Murphy, Warren)

Bandits (Leonard, Elmore)

Bangkok 8 (Burdett, John)

Bank Shot (Westlake, Donald E.)

Banker (Francis, Dick)

Barcelona Noir (López, Adriana V.)

Bark (Moore, Lorrie)

Barrel Fever (Sedaris, David)

Basket Case (Hiaasen, Carl)

Bats Fly at Dusk (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Bay City Blast (Murphy, Warren)

Be Cool (Leonard, Elmore)

Bear Island (MacLean, Alistair)

Bearskin (McLaughlin, James A)

Beastly Things (Leon, Donna)

Beautiful Lies (Unger, Lisa)

Bedrooms Have Windows (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Beekeeping for Beginners (Short Story) (King, Laurie R.)

Before I Go to Sleep (Watson, S. J.)

Before I Say Good-Bye (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Before the Fall (Hawley, Noah)

Behold the Dreamers (Mbue, Imbolo)

Beloved (Morrison, Toni)

Below Zero (Box, C. J.)

Beneath the Book Tower (Hamilton, Steve)

Beneath the Wheel (Hesse, Hermann)

Beowulf: The Script Book (Gaiman, Neil)

Berlin Game (Deighton, Len)

Best Australian Short Stories (Stewart, Douglas)

Best British Short Stories 2016 (Royle, Nicholas)

Best British Short Stories 2017 (Royle, Nicholas)

Betrayal of Trust (Jance, J. A.)

Between Here and the Yellow Sea (Pizzolatto, Nic)

Between the Assassinations (Adiga, Aravind)

Beware the Curves (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Beyond Reach (Slaughter, Karin)

Bhutanese Tales of the Yeti (Choden, Kunzang)

Bidding War (Murphy, Warren)

Big City Girl (Williams, Charles)

Big Money (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Big Woods (Faulkner, William)

Big Words for Little Geniuses (Patterson, James)

Billion-Dollar Brain (Deighton, Len)

Billy Straight (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Birdman (Hayder, Mo)

Birds of Prey (Jance, J. A.)

Bite Me: A Love Story (Moore, Christopher)

Black And Blue (Rankin, Ian)

Black Betty (Mosley, Walter)

Black Cherry Blues (Burke, James Lee)

Black Coffee (Christie, Agatha)

Black Fall (Mayne, Andrew)

Black Friday (Patterson, James)

Black Ice Score (Stark, Richard)

Black List (Thor, Brad)

Black Notice (Cornwell, Patricia)

Black Order (Rollins, James)

Black Out (Unger, Lisa)

Blandings Castle and Elsewhere (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Blasphemy (Preston, Douglas)

Bleachers (Grisham, John)

Blonde Faith (Mosley, Walter)

Blood Dance (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Blood Flag (Martini, Steve)

Blood From a Stone (Leon, Donna)

Blood Innocents (Cook, Thomas H.)

Blood Is the Sky (Hamilton, Steve)

Blood Lust (Murphy, Warren)

Blood Meridian (McCarthy, Cormac)

Blood Money and Other Stories (Leonard, Elmore)

Blood Rain (Dibdin, Michael)

Blood Sport (Francis, Dick)

Blood Test (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Blood Ties (Murphy, Warren)

Blood Trail (Box, C. J.)

Blood Work (Connelly, Michael)

Blood and Lemonade (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Blood, Salt, Water (Mina, Denise)

Bloodline (Billingham, Mark)

Bloodline (Rollins, James)

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story (Moore, Christopher)

Bloody Tourists (Murphy, Warren)

Bloody Valentine (Patterson, James)

Blow Fly (Cornwell, Patricia)

Blowback (Thor, Brad)

Blue Heaven (Box, C. J.)

Blue Labyrinth (Preston, Douglas)

Blue Smoke and Mirrors (Murphy, Warren)

Blue on Black (Connelly, Michael)

Bluebeard (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Body of Evidence (Cornwell, Patricia)

Bonecrack (Francis, Dick)

Bones (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Book of the Dead (Cornwell, Patricia)

Bootlegger's Daughter (Maron, Margaret)

Border Town Girl (MacDonald, John D.)

Boston Noir (Lehane, Dennis)

Boston Noir 2: The Classics (Lehane, Dennis)

Bottom Line (Murphy, Warren)

Brain Drain (Murphy, Warren)

Brain Droppings (Carlin, George)

Brain Storm (Murphy, Warren)

Brass (Aliu, Xhenet)

Bravo Two Zero (McNab, Andy)

Breach of Duty (Jance, J. A.)

Breakdown (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Breaker (Walters, Minette)

Breakfast of Champions (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Breakheart Hill (Cook, Thomas H.)

Breakheart Pass (MacLean, Alistair)

Breaking Point (Box, C. J.)

Breakout (Stark, Richard)

Breathing Lessons (Tyler, Anne)

Brideshead Revisited (Waugh, Evelyn)

Briefing for a Descent Into Hell (Lessing, Doris)

Bright Orange for the Shroud (MacDonald, John D.)

Brighton Rock (Greene, Graham)

Brimstone (Preston, Douglas)

Broken (Slaughter, Karin)

Bronx Noir (Rozan, S. J.)

Brooklyn Noir (McLoughlin, Tim)

Brooklyn Noir (McLoughlin, Tim)

Brooklyn Noir 3: Nothing but the Truth (McLoughlin, Tim)

Brother Cadfael's Penance (Peters, Ellis)

Brothers Keepers (Westlake, Donald E.)

Brute Force (McNab, Andy)

Buddenbrooks (Mann, Thomas)

Bull Mountain (Panowich, Brian)

Bullets and Fire (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Burglars Can't Be Choosers (Block, Lawrence)

Buried (Billingham, Mark)

Buried Secrets (Finder, Joseph)

Burning Angel (Burke, James Lee)

Burning Bright (Petrie, Nick)

Burnt Tongues (Palahniuk, Chuck; Thomas, Richard; Widmyer, Dennis)

Bury Your Dead (Penny, Louise)

Busman's Honeymoon (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Busted (Slaughter, Karin)

Butcher’s Moon (Stark, Richard)

Buy a Bullet (Hurwitz, Gregg)

By Eminent Domain (Murphy, Warren)

By Its Cover (Leon, Donna)

By the Pricking of My Thumbs (Christie, Agatha)

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (Coelho, Paulo)

By the Rivers of Babylon (Demille, Nelson)

By-Line Ernest Hemingway: Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades (Hemingway, Ernest)

C Is for Corpse (Grafton, Sue)

Cabal (Dibdin, Michael)

Cadillac Jukebox (Burke, James Lee)

Calico Joe (Grisham, John)

California Girl (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Call for the Dead (Le Carré, John)

Candide (Voltaire)

Cannery Row (Steinbeck, John)

Canterbury Tales (Chaucer, Geoffrey)

Canterbury Tales (Selected) (Chaucer, Geoffrey)

Cape Cod Noir (Ulin, David L.)

Cape Fear (MacDonald, John D.)

Captains Outrageous (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Caravan to Vaccares (MacLean, Alistair)

Caravans (Michener, James)

Cards on the Table (Christie, Agatha)

Caribbean (Michener, James)

Carrion Comfort (Simmons, Dan)

Carry On, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Casino Royale (Fleming, Ian)

Castle Dor (du Maurier, Daphne)

Cat Among the Pigeons (Christie, Agatha)

Cat Chaser (Leonard, Elmore)

Catch Me (Gardner, Lisa)

Catch-22 (Heller, Joseph)

Cathedral (Carver, Raymond)

Cathedral (Demille, Nelson)

Cats Prowl at Night (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Cause for Alarm (Ambler, Eric)

Cause of Death (Cornwell, Patricia)

Cell (King, Stephen)

Cemetery Dance (Preston, Douglas)

Cemetery Road (Iles, Greg)

Centaur (Updike, John)

Centennial (Michener, James)

Chained Reaction (Murphy, Warren)

Chameleon's Shadow (Walters, Minette)

Chaos (Cornwell, Patricia)

Charcoal Joe (Mosley, Walter)

Charity (Deighton, Len)

Chasing the Dime (Connelly, Michael)

Checkpoint (Baker, Nicholson)

Chelsea Cain (Heartsick)

Chesapeake (Michener, James)

Chicago (Mamet, David)

Chicago Noir (Pollack, Neal)

Chickenfeed (Walters, Minette)

Child 44 (Tom Rob Smith)

Child's Play (Murphy, Warren)

Children of the Night (Simmons, Dan)

Chinese Puzzle (Murphy, Warren)

Choke (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Christine (King, Stephen)

Christmas Mourning (Maron, Margaret)

Christmas in Absaroka County (Johnson, Craig)

Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Márquez, Gabriel García)

Cimarron Rose (Burke, James Lee)

Cinnamon Kiss (Mosley, Walter)

Cities of the Plain (McCarthy, Cormac)

City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit (Leonard, Elmore)

City of Bones (Connelly, Michael)

City of Endless Night (Preston, Douglas)

City of Fear (Burke, Alafair)

City of Glass (Auster, Paul)

City of Thieves (Benioff, David)

City of the Beasts (Allende, Isabel)

City of the Lost (Armstrong, Kelley)

CivilWarLand in Bad Decline: Stories and a Novella (Saunders, George)

Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway (Gran, Sara)

Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead (Gran, Sara)

Clawback (Jance, J. A.)

Clear and Present Danger (Clancy, Tom)

Clouds of Witness (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Cobra Trap (O'Donnell, Peter)

Cockatiels at Seven (Andrews, Donna)

Cocktail Time (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Code of Conduct (Thor, Brad)

Code to Zero (Follett, Ken)

Codex (Grossman, Lev)

Coin of the Realm (Murphy, Warren)

Cold Barrel Zero (Quirk, Matthew)

Cold Betrayal (Jance, J. A.)

Cold Blood (McNab, Andy)

Cold Cotton: A Hap and Leonard Novella (Hap and Leonard Series) (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Cold Pursuit (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Cold Shot to the Heart (Stroby, Wallace)

Cold Vengeance (Preston, Douglas)

Cold Warrior (Murphy, Warren)

Cold Wind (Box, C. J.)

Cold in July (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Collected Fictions (Borges, Jorge Luis)

Collected Poems 1947-1997 (Ginsberg, Allen)

Collected Poems in English and French (Beckett, Samuel)

Collected Stories (Kafka, Franz)

Collected Stories (Bowen, Elizabeth)

Collected Stories (Faulkner, William)

Collected Western Stories of Robert E. Howard (Howard, Robert E.)

Collected Works of E. M. Forster (Forster, E.M.)

Colonel Butler's Wolf (Price, Anthony)

Come and Get Us (Patterson, James)

Comeback (Stark, Richard)

Comeback (Francis, Dick)

Comfort to the Enemy and Other Carl Webster Stories (Leonard, Elmore)

Company Man (Finder, Joseph)

Compelling Evidence (Martini, Steve)

Complete Poetical Works of Edward Lear (Lear, Edward)

Complete Poetry and Plays of W. B. Yeats (Yeats, W. B.)

Complete Short Stories (Graves, Robert)

Complete Works of Daniel Defoe (Defoe, Daniel)

Complete Works of Ford Madox Ford (Ford, Madox Ford)

Complete Works of Frank R. Stockton (Stockton, Frank R.)

Complete Works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Dostoyevsky, Fyodor)

Complete Works of Gustave Flaubert (Flaubert, Gustave)

Complete Works of James Fenimore Cooper (Illustrated) (Cooper, James Fenimore)

Complete Works of Jane Austen (Austen, Jane)

Complete Works of Jonathan Swift (Swift, Jonathan)

Complete Works of Robert Browning (Browning, Robert)

Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (Stevenson, Robert Louis)

Complete Works of Theodore Dreiser (Dreiser, Theodore)

Complete Works of Thomas Hardy (Hardy, Thomas)

Complete Works of Victor Hugo (Hugo, Victor)

Complete Works of Virginia Woolf (Woolf, Virginia)

Complete Works of W. Somerset Maugham (Maugham, William Somerset)

Completely Unexpected Tales (Dahl, Roald)

Compulsion (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Confessions of Nat Turner (Styron, William)

Congo (Crichton, Michael)

Cons, Scams, and Grifts (Gores, Joe)

Consent to Kill (Flynn, Vince)

Contact (Carl Sagan)

Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories (Mu, Aili)

Contrary Pleasure (MacDonald, John D.)

Copenhagen Noir (Michaëlis, Bo Tao)

Cosi Fan Tutti (Dibdin, Michael)

Coup (Updike, John)

Coyote Blue (Moore, Christopher)

Coyote Waits (Hillerman, Tony)

Crash (Ballard, J.G.)

Crash and Burn (Rollins, James)

Crazy House (Patterson, James)

Crazy Love You (Unger, Lisa)

Created, The Destroyer (Murphy, Warren)

Creatures of the Kingdom: Stories of Animals and Nature (Michener, James)

Creole Belle (Burke, James Lee)

Crime Beat: A Decade of Covering Cops and Killers (Connelly, Michael)

Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky, Fyodor)

Criminal (Slaughter, Karin)

Crimson Shore (Preston, Douglas)

Crisis Four (McNab, Andy)

Critical Mass (Martini, Steve)

Crooked House (Christie, Agatha)

Crossfire (McNab, Andy)

Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon (Andrews, Donna)

Crows Cant Count (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Cruel Intent (Jance, J. A.)

Cruel and Unusual (Cornwell, Patricia)

Crusader's Cross (Burke, James Lee)

Cry Hard, Cry Fast (MacDonald, John D.)

Cry Wolf (Smith, Wilbur)

Cuba Libre (Leonard, Elmore)

Cujo (King, Stephen)

Cup of Gold: A Life of Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer, With Occasional Reference to History (Steinbeck, John)

Curtain: Poirot's Last Case: Hercule Poirot Investigates (Christie, Agatha)

Cyrano De Bergerac (Rostand, Edmond)

D Is for Deadbeat (Grafton, Sue)

D.C. Noir (Pelecanos, George)

D.C. Noir 2: The Classics (Pelecanos, George)

Daddy's Little Girl (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Daisy Jones & the Six (Reid, Taylor Jenkins)

Daisy Miller and Washington Square (James, Henry)

Damage Control (Gilstrap, John)

Damage Control (Jance, J. A.)

Dance Hall of the Dead (Hillerman, Tony)

Dance of Death (Preston, Douglas)

Dance of the Bones (Jance, J. A.)

Dance of the Happy Shades (Munro, Alice)

Dangerous Crossing (Rhys, Rachel)

Dangerous Games (Murphy, Warren)

Dangerous Liaisons (Laclos, Choderlos De)

Daphne (Boast, Will)

Dare Me (Abbott, Megan)

Dark Hollow (Connolly, John)

Dark Places (Flynn, Gillian)

Dark Room (Walters, Minette)

Dark Sacred Night (Connelly, Michael)

Dark Side of the Moon (Wood, Les)

Dark Star (Furst, Alan)

Dark Voyage (Furst, Alan)

Dark Winter (McNab, Andy)

Dark of the Moon (Sandford, John)

Darker Than Amber (MacDonald, John D.)

Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Lindsay, Jeff)

Darkness at Noon (Koestler, Arthur)

Darkness, My Old Friend (Unger, Lisa)

Dashing Through the Snow (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Date with Death (Murphy, Warren)

Dateline: Toronto (Hemingway, Ernest)

Daughter of Fortune (Allende, Isabel)

Day of the Dead (Jance, J. A.)

Dead Aim (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Dead Calm (Williams, Charles)

Dead Centre (McNab, Andy)

Dead Cert (Francis, Dick)

Dead Connection (Burke, Alafair)

Dead Even (Meltzer, Brad)

Dead Lagoon (Dibdin, Michael)

Dead Lions (Herron, Mick)

Dead Man (Gores, Joe)

Dead Man Running (Patterson, James)

Dead Man Switch (Quirk, Matthew)

Dead Man's Folly (Christie, Agatha)

Dead Man's Handle (O'Donnell, Peter)

Dead Man's Ransom (Peters, Ellis)

Dead Sleep (Iles, Greg)

Dead Souls (Gogol, Nikolai)

Dead Souls (Rankin, Ian)

Dead Wrong (Jance, J. A.)

Dead to Rights (Jance, J. A.)

Deadline (Sandford, John)

Deadly Edge (Stark, Richard)

Deadly Genes (Murphy, Warren)

Deadly Seeds (Murphy, Warren)

Deadly Stakes (Jance, J. A.)

Deadman's Road (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Dearly Devoted Dexter (Lindsay, Jeff)

Death & Judgement (Leon, Donna)

Death Check (Murphy, Warren)

Death Comes as the End (Christie, Agatha)

Death Comes for the Archbishop (Cather, Willa)

Death Message (Billingham, Mark)

Death Notice (Haohui, Zhou)

Death Sentence (Murphy, Warren)

Death Therapy (Murphy, Warren)

Death Trap (MacDonald, John D.)

Death Without Company (Johnson, Craig)

Death at La Fenice (Leon, Donna)

Death at the Excelsior and Other Stories (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Death in Paradise (Parker, Robert B.)

Death in Venice and Other Stories (Mann, Thomas)

Death in a Strange Country (Leon, Donna)

Death in the Afternoon (Hemingway, Ernest)

Death in the Clouds (Christie, Agatha)

Death on the Nile (Christie, Agatha)

Death's Half Acre (Maron, Margaret)

Debt of Honor (Clancy, Tom)

Deception (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Decider (Francis, Dick)

Decision at Delphi (Macinnes, Helen)

Deck the Halls (Holiday Classics) (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Deep Black (McNab, Andy)

Deep Down (Child, Lee)

Deep Freeze (Sandford, John)

Deep Winter (Gailey, Samuel W.)

Delhi Noir (Sawhney, Hirsh)

Delphi Complete Poetical Works of John Donne (Donne, John)

Delphi Complete Works of Alexander Pope (Pope, Alexander)

Delphi Complete Works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (Tennyson, Alfred Lord)

Delphi Complete Works of Anton Chekhov (Illustrated) (Chekhov, Anton)

Delphi Complete Works of Guy de Maupassant (Illustrated) (Maupassant, Guy de)

Delphi Complete Works of Lord Byron (Byron, Lord George Gordon)

Delphi Complete Works of Marcel Proust (Proust, Marcel)

Delphi Complete Works of Mark Twain (Twain, Mark)

Delphi Complete Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley (Shelley, Percy)

Delphi Complete Works of Robert Browning (Browning, Robert)

Delphi Complete Works of Robert Burns (Illustrated) (Burns, Robert)

Delphi Complete Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Illustrated) (Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan)

Delphi Complete Works of W. M. Thackeray (Thackeray, William Makepeace)

Delta Wedding (Welty, Eudora)

Delta of Venus (Nin, Anaïs)

Depraved Heart (Cornwell, Patricia)

Desert Heat (Jance, J. A.)

Designated Daughters (Maron, Margaret)

Destination Unknown (Christie, Agatha)

Detonator (McNab, Andy)

Detroit Noir (Olsen, E. J.)

Devil Red (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Devil in a Blue Dress (Mosley, Walter)

Devil's Claw (Jance, J. A.)

Devil's Feather (Walters, Minette)

Devil's Waltz (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Dexter by Design (Lindsay, Jeff)

Dexter in the Dark (Lindsay, Jeff)

Diamond Bikini (Williams, Charles)

Diamonds are Forever (Fleming, Ian)

Diary (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Diary of a Succubus (Patterson, James)

Die Like an Eagle (Andrews, Donna)

Die Trying (Child, Lee)

Die a Stranger (Hamilton, Steve)

Die for You (Unger, Lisa)

Dillinger (Higgins, Jack)

Dirty Love (Dubus III, Andre)

Dirty Money (Stark, Richard)

Disjecta (Beckett, Samuel)

Disloyal Opposition (Murphy, Warren)

Dismissed With Prejudice (Jance, J. A.)

Disordered Minds (Walters, Minette)

Divorce Horse (Johnson, Craig)

Dixie City Jam (Burke, James Lee)

Djibouti (Leonard, Elmore)

Doctor Copernicus (Banville, John)

Doctor Sally (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Doctored Evidence (Leon, Donna)

Dog Eat Dog: A Novel (Bunker, Edward)

Dogs of War (Forsyth, Frederick)

Don Quixote (Cervantes, Miguel de)

Don't Ask (Westlake, Donald E.)

Don't Blink (Patterson, James)

Don't Look Now (du Maurier, Daphne)

Doors Open (Rankin, Ian)

Double Tap (Martini, Steve)

Double Whammy (Hiaasen, Carl)

Double or Quits (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Down River (Hart, John)

Down the River Unto the Sea (Mosley, Walter)

Downfall (Jance, J. A.)

Dr No (Fleming, Ian)

Dr. Death (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Dr. Quake (Murphy, Warren)

Dracula (Stoker, Bram)

Dragon's Claw (O'Donnell, Peter)

Drawing Conclusions (Leon, Donna)

Driving Force (Francis, Dick)

Drowned Hopes (Westlake, Donald E.)

Dry Bones (Johnson, Craig)

Dublin Noir (Bruen, Ken)

Duck the Halls (Andrews, Donna)

Duel to the Death (Jance, J. A.)

Duma Key (King, Stephen)

Dumb witness (Christie, Agatha)

Dust (Cornwell, Patricia)

Dying Fall (Griffiths, Elly)

Dying Space (Murphy, Warren)

E Is for Evidence (Grafton, Sue)

East of Ealing (Rankin, Robert)

East of Eden (Steinbeck, John)

East, West (Rushdie, Salman)

Easter Island: Island of Enigmas (Dos Passos, John)

Eaters of the Dead (Crichton, Michael)

Echo (Walters, Minette)

Echo Burning (Child, Lee)

Echo Park (Connelly, Michael)

Echo's Bones (Beckett, Samuel)

Edge of Eternity (Follett, Ken)

Edge of Evil (Jance, J. A.)

Eggs, Beans and Crumpets (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Eight Pieces on Prostitution (Johnston, Dorothy)

Election (Perrotta, Tom)

Elena (Cook, Thomas H.)

Elephants Can Remember (Christie, Agatha)

Elevation (King, Stephen)

Eleven Minutes (Coelho, Paulo)

Eleven on Top (Evanovich, Janet)

Empire Falls (Russo, Richard)

Empty Set (Bicecci, Verónica Gerber)

Encounter Group (Murphy, Warren)

End Game (Gilstrap, John)

End Games (Dibdin, Michael)

End Zone (DeLillo, Don)

End in Tears (Rendell, Ruth)

End of Watch (King, Stephen)

Endangered (Box, C. J.)

Endgame Act Without Words I (Beckett, Samuel)

Endless Night (Christie, Agatha)

Ends and Odds (Beckett, Samuel)

Engines of Destruction (Murphy, Warren)

Enquiry (Francis, Dick)

Envy the Night (Koryta, Michael)

Epilogue II: A Bonus Chapter to Hidden Order (Thor, Brad)

Epitaph for a Deadbeat (Markson, David)

Epitaph for a Spy (Ambler, Eric)

Epitaph for a Tramp (Markson, David)

Ernest Hemingway on Writing (Hemingway, Ernest)

Escape Clause (Sandford, John)

Escape From Five Shadows (Leonard, Elmore)

Essential Faulkner (Faulkner, William)

Euripides I: The Complete Greek Tragedies, Third Edition (Lattimore, Richard)

Euripides II: The Complete Greek Tragedies, Third Edition (Lattimore, Richard)

Euripides III: The Complete Greek Tragedies, Third Edition (Lattimore, Richard)

Euripides IV: The Complete Greek Tragedies, Third Edition (Lattimore, Richard)

Euripides V: The Complete Greek Tragedies, Third Edition (Lattimore, Richard)

Even Dogs in the Wild (Rankin, Ian)

Every Breath You Take (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Every Dead Thing (Connolly, John)

Everyman (Roth, Philip)

Evidence (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Evil Under the Sun (Christie, Agatha)

Executive Orders (Clancy, Tom)

Executive Power (Flynn, Vince)

Exile and the Kingdom (Camus, Albert)

Exit Music (Rankin, Ian)

Exit Strategy (Hamilton, Steve)

Exit Wound (McNab, Andy)

Exit Wounds (Jance, J. A.)

Exodus (James, Glynn)

Explosive Eighteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Extraction (Preston, Douglas)

Extraordinary Powers (Finder, Joseph)

Extreme Measures (Flynn, Vince)

Eye of the Needle (Follett, Ken)

F Is for Fugitive (Grafton, Sue)

FaceOff (Baldacci, David)

Fade to Black (Murphy, Warren)

Fail Safe (Burdick, Eugene)

Failing Marks (Murphy, Warren)

Failure to Appear (Jance, J. A.)

Fairy Tales (Andersen, Hans Christian)

Faith (Deighton, Len)

Faithless (Slaughter, Karin)

Fall of Giants (Follett, Ken)

Fallen (Slaughter, Karin)

Falling in Love (Leon, Donna)

Family Happiness and Other Stories (Tolstoy, Leo)

Fatal Error (Jance, J. A.)

Fatal Remedies (Leon, Donna)

Father Abraham (Faulkner, William)

Father To Son (Murphy, Warren)

Fathers and Children (Turgenev, Ivan)

Faust: Part One (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)

Faust: Part Two (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)

Fear Is the Key (MacLean, Alistair)

Fear Nothing (Gardner, Lisa)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream (Thompson, Hunter S.)

Fearless Fourteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Feast or Famine (Murphy, Warren)

Feeding Frenzy (Murphy, Warren)

Fever Dream (Preston, Douglas)

Fever Pitch (Hornby, Nick)

Field Work: Poems (Heaney, Seamus)

Fifth Mountain (Coelho, Paulo)

Fifty-First State (Bailey, Hilary)

Fight Club (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Filthy Rich: A Powerful Billionaire, the Sex Scandal That Undid Him, and All the Justice That Money Can Buy: The Shocking True Story of Jeffrey Epstein (Patterson, James)

Final Girls (Sager, Riley)

Final Target (Gilstrap, John)

Find Her (Gardner, Lisa)

Finders Keepers (King, Stephen)

Finding Time Again (Proust, Marcel)

Finding a Girl in America (Dubus, Andre)

Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Fingersmith (Waters, Sarah)

Fire and Ice (Jance, J. A.)

Fire in the Hole: Stories (Leonard, Elmore)

Fire in the Sky (Mayne, Andrew)

Firebreak (Stark, Richard)

Firewall (McNab, Andy)

Firing Line (Murphy, Warren)

First Love and Other Shorts (Beckett, Samuel)

Five Little Pigs (Christie, Agatha)

Five Women (Musil, Robert)

Flags in the Dust (Faulkner, William)

Flashfire (Stark, Richard)

Flesh and Blood (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Flesh and Blood (Cornwell, Patricia)

Fleshmarket Alley (Rankin, Ian)

Flight Behaviour (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Floodgate (MacLean, Alistair)

Florida (Groff, Lauren)

Fluke (Moore, Christopher)

Flying Finish (Francis, Dick)

Foe (Coetzee, J.M.)

Fool (Moore, Christopher)

Fool's Gold (Murphy, Warren)

Fools Die on Friday (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Fools of Fortune (Trevor, William)

For Kicks (Francis, Dick)

For Valour (McNab, Andy)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Hemingway, Ernest)

For Your Eyes Only (Fleming, Ian)

For the Good of the State (Price, Anthony)

Force of Nature (Harper, Jane)

Force of Nature (Box, C. J.)

Ford County: Stories (Grisham, John)

Foreign Affairs (Lurie, Alison)

Foreign Agent (Thor, Brad)

Foreign Influence (Thor, Brad)

Forest of the Pygmies (Allende, Isabel)

Forfeit (Francis, Dick)

Forty Lashes Less One (Leonard, Elmore)

Forty Stories (Chekhov, Anton)

Foucault's Pendulum (Eco, Umberto)

Four to Score (Evanovich, Janet)

Fox Evil (Walters, Minette)

Fractured (Slaughter, Karin)

Fragile (Unger, Lisa)

Frankenstein (Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft)

Freaky Deaky (Leonard, Elmore)

Freaky Green Eyes (Oates, Joyce Carol)

Free Fall: A Prelude to Hidden Order (Thor, Brad)

Free Fire (Box, C. J.)

Freefall: A Novel (Barry, Jessica)

Freezer Burn (Lansdale, Joe R.)

French Kiss (Patterson, James)

French Leave (Wodehouse, P.G.)

French Twist (Patterson, James)

Frenchman's Creek (du Maurier, Daphne)

Friendly Fire (Gilstrap, John)

Friends in High Places (Leon, Donna)

From Doon With Death (Rendell, Ruth)

From Here to Eternity: The Restored Edition (Jones, James)

From Potter's Field (Cornwell, Patricia)

From Russia With Love (Fleming, Ian)

From Then to Now (Moore, Christopher)

From the Dead (Billingham, Mark)

Full Black (Thor, Brad)

Full Measure (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Full Moon (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Funeral in Berlin (Deighton, Len)

Funny Money (Murphy, Warren)

G Is for Gumshoe (Grafton, Sue)

Galahad at Blandings (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Gaudy Night (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Get Real (Westlake, Donald E.)

Get Shorty (Leonard, Elmore)

Ghost Ship (Rollins, James)

Ghost in the Machine (Murphy, Warren)

Ghostly Murders (Doherty, Paul C.)

Ghostman (Hobbs, Roger)

Ghosts (Auster, Paul)

Ghosts (Banville, John)

Gilgamesh: A Verse Narrative (Mason, Herbert)

Ginger man (Donleavy, J. P.)

Girl Out Back (Williams, Charles)

Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Larsson, Stieg)

Give 'Em the Ax (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Give Please a Chance (Patterson, James)

Glamorama (Ellis, Brett Easton)

Glass Houses (Penny, Louise)

Glass Tiger (Gores, Joe)

Glitz (Leonard, Elmore)

Go Down Moses (Faulkner, William)

Go Home, Stranger (Williams, Charles)

Go Tell It on the Mountain (Baldwin, James)

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Gods and Beasts (Mina, Denise)

Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (Li, Yiyun)

Gold Coast (Leonard, Elmore)

Gold Comes in Bricks (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Gold Mine (Smith, Wilbur)

Goldfinger (Fleming, Ian)

Gone (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Gone (Hayder, Mo)

Gone 'Til November (Stroby, Wallace)

Gone Fishin (Mosley, Walter)

Gone Girl (Flynn, Gillian)

Gone Gull (Andrews, Donna)

Gone So Long (Dubus III, Andre)

Gone Tomorrow (Child, Lee)

Gone With the Wind (Mitchell, Margaret)

Gone, Baby, Gone (Lehane, Dennis)

Good Behavior (Westlake, Donald E.)

Good as Dead (Billingham, Mark)

Goodbye California (MacLean, Alistair)

Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories (Roth, Philip)

Gorky Park (Smith, Martin Cruz)

Graveyard of the Atlantic (Hagy, Alyson)

Gravity's Rainbow (Pynchon, Thomas)

Gray Mountain (Grisham, John)

Great American Prose Poems (Lehman, David)

Great American Western Stories (Price, Steven D.)

Great English Short Stories (Negri, Paul)

Great Expectations (Dickens, Charles)

Great Jones Street (DeLillo, Don)

Green Hills of Africa (Hemingway, Ernest)

Green Ice (Browne, Gerald A.)

Grief Is the Thing With Feathers: A Novel (Porter, Max)

Ground Zero (Murphy, Warren)

Growth of the Soil (Hamsun, Knut)

Guardian of Lies (Martini, Steve)

Guilt (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Guilty Minds (Finder, Joseph)

Guilty Wives (Patterson, James)

Gulf Coast Girl (Williams, Charles)

Gunner Kelly (Price, Anthony)

Gunsights (Leonard, Elmore)

Guys Read: Boys Will Be Boys (Patterson, James)

H Is for Homicide (Grafton, Sue)

H.M.S. Ulysses (MacLean, Alistair)

Haiti Noir (Danticat, Edwidge)

Hallowe'en Party (Christie, Agatha)

Hammett (Gores, Joe)

Hand of Evil (Jance, J. A.)

Handle (Stark, Richard)

Hangmans Holiday (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Hangsaman (Jackson, Shirley)

Hannibal (Harris, Thomas)

Hap and Leonard (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Hap and Leonard Ride Again (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Happy Birthday, Wanda June (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Happy Days (Beckett, Samuel)

Hard Eight (Evanovich, Janet)

Hard Row (Maron, Margaret)

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Murakami, Haruki)

Hardball (Paretsky, Sara)

Hardcore Twenty-Four (Evanovich, Janet)

Harm Done (Rendell, Ruth)

Haunted (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Havana Noir (Obejas, Achy)

Have His Carcase (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Having Wonderful Crime (Rice, Craig)

Hawaii (Michener, James)

Hazard (Browne, Gerald A.)

He Sees You When You're Sleeping (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Heart of Darkness (Conrad, Joseph)

Heart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) (Conrad, Joseph)

Heart of the Assassin (Ferrigno, Robert)

Heartbreak Hotel (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Heartbroken (Unger, Lisa)

Heartwood (Burke, James Lee)

Heat Lightning (Sandford, John)

Heaven's Prisoners (Burke, James Lee)

Heavy Weather (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Hell Hath No Fury (Williams, Charles)

Hell Is Empty (Johnson, Craig)

Hell Is Too Crowded (Higgins, Jack)

Hell Island (Reilly, Matthew)

Hellbent (Hurwitz, Gregg)

Hemingway on Fishing (Hemingway, Ernest)

Hemingway on Hunting (Hemingway, Ernest)

Hemingway on War (Hemingway, Ernest)

Henderson the Rain King (Bellow, Saul)

Her Last Goodbye (Leigh, Melinda)

Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Christie, Agatha)

Here Be Monsters (Price, Anthony)

Hickory Dickory Dock (Christie, Agatha)

Hidden (Patterson, James)

Hidden Order (Thor, Brad)

Hide (Gardner, Lisa)

Hide And Seek (Rankin, Ian)

High Country Fall (Maron, Margaret)

High Crimes (Finder, Joseph)

High Fidelity (Hornby, Nick)

High Five (Evanovich, Janet)

High Heat (Child, Lee)

High Lonesome (Oates, Joyce Carol)

High Priestess (Murphy, Warren)

High Profile (Parker, Robert B.)

High Stakes (Francis, Dick)

High Treason (Gilstrap, John)

Hill Girl (Williams, Charles)

Hindsight (Dickinson, Peter)

His Family (Poole, Ernest)

Hocus Pocus (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Hokum: An Anthology of African-American Humor (Beatty, Paul)

Holding the Line: Women in the Great Arizona Mine Strike of 1983 (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Holy Terror (Murphy, Warren)

Hombre (Leonard, Elmore)

Home Fires (Maron, Margaret)

Homeland: And Other Stories (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Homeroom Diaries (Patterson, James)

Honeymoon (Patterson, James)

Hong Kong Noir (Ng, Jason Y.)

Honky Tonk Samurai (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Hood (Donoghue, Emma)

Hoodoo Harry (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Hope (Deighton, Len)

Hordubal (Čapek, Karel)

Horizon (Macinnes, Helen)

Hornet Flight (Follett, Ken)

Horse Under Water (Deighton, Len)

Hostile Takeover (Murphy, Warren)

Hot Money (Francis, Dick)

Hot Rock (Westlake, Donald E.)

Hot Six (Evanovich, Janet)

Hot Water (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Hour of the Hunter (Jance, J. A.)

House of Leaves (Danielewski, Mark Z.)

House of Mirth (Wharton, Edith)

House of Sand and Fog (Dubus III, Andre)

House of Spies (Silva, Daniel)

Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (Grimm, Jacob)

How Carlos Webster Changed His Name to Carl and Became a Famous Oklahoma Lawman (2003) (Leonard, Elmore)

How the Finch Stole Christmas! (Andrews, Donna)

How the Light Gets In (Penny, Louise)

How to Be Good (Hornby, Nick)

Howards End (Forster, E.M.)

Humans, Bow Down (Patterson, James)

Humboldt's Gift (Bellow, Saul)

Hunger (Hamsun, Knut)

Hungry Hill (du Maurier, Daphne)

Hunted (Patterson, James)

Hunting Badger (Hillerman, Tony)

Hyenas (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Hymn to Old Age (Hesse, Hermann)

I Heard a Romantic Story (Child, Lee)

I Is for Innocent (Grafton, Sue)

I Married a Communist (Roth, Philip)

I'll Be Seeing You (Clark, Mary Higgins)

I'll Never Be Young Again (du Maurier, Daphne)

I'll Take You There (Oates, Joyce Carol)

I'll Walk Alone (Clark, Mary Higgins)

I've Got My Eyes on You (Clark, Mary Higgins)

I've Got You Under My Skin (Clark, Mary Higgins)

I, Claudius (Graves, Robert)

I, Lucifer (O'Donnell, Peter)

IQ (Ide, Joe)

Iberia (Michener, James)

Ice House (Walters, Minette)

Ice Hunt (Rollins, James)

Ice Run (Hamilton, Steve)

Ice Station (Reilly, Matthew)

Ice Station Zebra (MacLean, Alistair)

Ice in the Bedroom (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Icon (Forsyth, Frederick)

Identical (Turow, Scott)

Identity Crisis (Murphy, Warren)

If This Isn't Nice, What Is?: Advice to the Young-The Graduation Speeches (Vonnegut, Kurt)

If You Were Here (Burke, Alafair)

If on a Winter's Night a Traveller (Calvino, Italo)

Impact (Preston, Douglas)

Imperial Bedrooms (Ellis, Brett Easton)

Improbable Cause (Jance, J. A.)

In Cold Blood (Capote, Truman)

In Dubious Battle (Steinbeck, John)

In Enemy Hands (Murphy, Warren)

In One Person (Irving, John)

In Our Time (Hemingway, Ernest)

In Persuasion Nation (Saunders, George)

In Plain Sight (Box, C. J.)

In The Frame (Francis, Dick)

In a Dark, Dark Wood (Ware, Ruth)

In a House of Lies (Rankin, Ian)

In the Blood (Unger, Lisa)

In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead (Burke, James Lee)

In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower (Proust, Marcel)

In the Teeth of the Evidence (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

In the Woods (French, Tana)

Independence Day (Ford, Richard)

Indignation (Roth, Philip)

Indiscretions of Archie (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Infernal Revenue (Murphy, Warren)

Inferno: New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Datlow, Ellen)

Infinite Jest (Wallace, David Foster)

Injustice for All (Jance, J. A.)

Ink and Bone (Unger, Lisa)

Innocent (Turow, Scott)

Interpreter of Maladies (Lahiri, Jhumpa)

Into the Black Nowhere (Gardiner, Meg)

Into the Water: From the bestselling author of The Girl on the Train (Hawkins, Paula)

Intruder in the Dust (Faulkner, William)

Investment in Vevey (Steinhauer, Olen)

Invisible (Patterson, James)

Invisible Cities (Calvino, Italo)

Invisible Man (Ellison, Ralph)

Invisible Monsters (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Irish Stories and Folklore: A Collection of Thirty-Six Classic Tales (Brennan, Stephen)

Iron House (Hart, John)

Ironweed (Kennedy, William)

Island of the Sequined Love Nun (Moore, Christopher)

Islands in the Stream (Hemingway, Ernest)

Istanbul Noir (Ziyalan, Mustafa)

It (King, Stephen)

Italian Folktales (Calvino, Italo)

J Is for Judgment (Grafton, Sue)

Jackdaws (Follett, Ken)

Jackrabbit Smile (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Jacky Ha-Ha (Patterson, James)

Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life Is a Joke (Patterson, James)

Jacques the Fatalist (Diderot, Denis)

Jailbird (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Jamaica Inn (du Maurier, Daphne)

Jane Eyre (Brontë, Charlotte)

Jaws (Benchley, Peter)

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Jeeves in the Offing (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Jimmy the Kid (Westlake, Donald E.)

Joe College (Perrotta, Tom)

Johannes Cabal the Detective (Howard, Jonathan L.)

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Howard, Jonathan L.)

John Crow's Devil (James, Marlon)

John Thomas and Lady Jane (Lawrence, D. H.)

Jolie Blon’s Bounce (Burke, James Lee)

Journey Into Fear (Ambler, Eric)

Journey to the End of the Night (Céline, Louis-Ferdinand)

Journey: A Novel (Michener, James)

Joy in the Morning (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Judge & Jury (Patterson, James)

Judgment Call (Jance, J. A.)

Judgment Day (Murphy, Warren)

Judgment on Deltchev (Ambler, Eric)

Jugger (Stark, Richard)

Julius (du Maurier, Daphne)

Junkyard Dogs (Johnson, Craig)

Just Take My Heart (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Justice Denied (Jance, J. A.)

Justice Hall (King, Laurie R.)

K Is for Killer (Grafton, Sue)

Kansas City Noir (Paul, Steve)

Karen Makes Out (Leonard, Elmore)

Katherine Anne Porter (Porter, Katherine Anne)

Kepler (Banville, John)

Kill Shot (Flynn, Vince)

Kill and Tell (Patterson, James)

Kill or Cure (Murphy, Warren)

Killer (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Killer Chef (Patterson, James)

Killer Chromosomes (Murphy, Warren)

Killer Instinct (Finder, Joseph)

Killer Market (Maron, Margaret)

Killer Watts (Murphy, Warren)

Killing Floor (Child, Lee)

Killing Time (Murphy, Warren)

Killshot (Leonard, Elmore)

Kim (Kipling, Rudyard)

Kindness Goes Unpunished (Johnson, Craig)

Kingdom of Shadows (Furst, Alan)

Kingdom of the Golden Dragon (Allende, Isabel)

Kings of Midnight (Stroby, Wallace)

Kingston Noir (Channer, Colin)

Kinsey and Me (Grafton, Sue)

Kiss of the Bees (Jance, J. A.)

Kissing the Gunner's Daughter (Rendell, Ruth)

Knees Up Mother Earth (Rankin, Robert)

Knight's Gambit (Faulkner, William)

Knockdown (Francis, Dick)

Knots And Crosses (Rankin, Ian)

Krapp's Last Tape and Other Dramatic Pieces (Beckett, Samuel)

Kurt Vonnegut: Letters (Vonnegut, Kurt)

L Is for Lawless (Grafton, Sue)

La Brava (Leonard, Elmore)

Labyrinths (Borges, Jorge Luis)

Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence - Restored Modern Edition (Lawrence, D. H.)

Laguna Heat (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Lamb (Moore, Christopher)

Landing (Donoghue, Emma)

Landlocked (Lessing, Doris)

Lark! The Herald Angels Sing (Andrews, Donna)

Las Vegas Noir (Keene, Jarret)

Last Call (Murphy, Warren)

Last Car to Elysian Fields (Burke, James Lee)

Last Day in Limbo (O'Donnell, Peter)

Last Drop (Murphy, Warren)

Last Light (McNab, Andy)

Last Man in Tower (Adiga, Aravind)

Last Monarch (Murphy, Warren)

Last Night in Twisted River (Irving, John)

Last Rites (Murphy, Warren)

Last Stand at Saber River (Leonard, Elmore)

Last War Dance (Murphy, Warren)

Last of the Mohicans (Cooper, James Fenimore)

Laugh Out Loud (Patterson, James)

Laughing Gas (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Lazybones (Billingham, Mark)

Lean Mean Thirteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Leather Maiden (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Leave It to Psmith (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Left for Dead (Jance, J. A.)

Leper of Saint Giles (Peters, Ellis)

Les Misérables (Hugo, Victor)

Less Than Zero (Ellis, Brett Easton)

Let It Bleed (Rankin, Ian)

Let It Burn (Hamilton, Steve)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Let Me Die in His Footsteps (Roy, Lori)

Let's Play Make-Believe (Patterson, James)

Liberation Day (McNab, Andy)

Liberation Movements (Steinhauer, Olen)

Libra (DeLillo, Don)

Lie Down with Lions (Follett, Ken)

Lifeguard (Patterson, James)

Lifeless (Billingham, Mark)

Light It Up (Petrie, Nick)

Light in August (Faulkner, William)

Light of the World (Burke, James Lee)

Like It Hawk Some (Andrews, Donna)

Limitations (Turow, Scott)

Lincoln in the Bardo (Saunders, George)

Line of Fire (McNab, Andy)

Line of Succession (Murphy, Warren)

Listening Woman (Hillerman, Tony)

Little Black Dress (Patterson, James)

Little Boy Blue (Bunker, Edward)

Little Girl Lost (Staub, Wendy Corsi)

Little Green (Mosley, Walter)

Little Saigon (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Little Scarlet (Mosley, Walter)

Little Yellow Dog (Mosley, Walter)

Live And Let Die (Fleming, Ian)

Live by Night (Lehane, Dennis)

Live to Tell (Gardner, Lisa)

Locked Rooms (King, Laurie R.)

Lolita (Nabokov, Vladimir)

London Match (Deighton, Len)

London Noir ((editor), Cathi Unsworth)

Lone Star Noir (Byrd, Bobby)

Long Island Noir (Jones, Kaylie)

Long Time Gone (Jance, J. A.)

Long Upon the Land (Maron, Margaret)

Long Walk to Forever (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Longshot (Francis, Dick)

Look Back on Happiness (Hamsun, Knut)

Look Into My Eyes (Murphy, Warren)

Look at the Birdie (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Look for Me (Gardner, Lisa)

Looking Glass (Mayne, Andrew)

Loot (Watson, Jude)

Lorca 3 Plays (Lorca, Federico Garcia)

Lord Edgeware Dies (Christie, Agatha)

Lord Emsworth and Others (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Lord Jim (Conrad, Joseph)

Lord Peter Views the Body (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Lord of the Flies (Golding, William)

Lord of the Wings (Andrews, Donna)

Lords of the Earth (Murphy, Warren)

Los Alamos (Kanon, Joseph)

Los Angeles Noir (Hamilton, Denise)

Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics (Hamilton, Denise)

Loser Takes All (Greene, Graham)

Losing Battles (Welty, Eudora)

Lost Echoes (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Lost Light (Connelly, Michael)

Lost Yesterday (Murphy, Warren)

Louly and Pretty Boy (Leonard, Elmore)

Love Again (Lessing, Doris)

Love Among the Chickens (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Love Like Blood (Billingham, Mark)

Love You More (Gardner, Lisa)

Love in the Time of Cholera (Márquez, Gabriel García)

Love of a Good Woman (Munro, Alice)

Lovely, Dark, Deep (Oates, Joyce Carol)

Loving (Green, Henry)

Lullaby (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Lullaby (Slimani, Leïla)

Lunar Park (Ellis, Brett Easton)

Lying in Wait (Jance, J. A.)

M Is for Malice (Grafton, Sue)

Mad River (Sandford, John)

Madam, Will You Talk? (Stewart, Mary)

Mafia Fix (Murphy, Warren)

Magpie Murders (Horowitz, Anthony)

Main Street (Lewis, Sinclair)

Make Me (Child, Lee)

Maktub (Coelho, Paulo)

Malicious: A Mitchum Story (Patterson, James)

Malone Dies (Beckett, Samuel)

Man Overboard (Jance, J. A.)

Man on a Leash (Williams, Charles)

Man on the Run (Williams, Charles)

Manhattan Noir (Block, Lawrence)

Manhattan Noir 2: The Classics (Block, Lawrence)

Manila Noir (Hagedorn, Jessica)

Manual of the Warrior of Light (Coelho, Paulo)

Mao II (DeLillo, Don)

Map of Bones (Rollins, James)

Maples Stories (Updike, John)

Mara and Dann (Lessing, Doris)

Marathon Man (Goldman, William)

March (Brooks, Geraldine)

Marcovaldo: Or, the Seasons in the City (Calvino, Italo)

Market Force (Murphy, Warren)

Martha Quest (Lessing, Doris)

Martin Misunderstood (Slaughter, Karin)

Mary Anne (du Maurier, Daphne)

Mary and O'Neil (Cronin, Justin)

Master's Challenge (Murphy, Warren)

Maximum Bob (Leonard, Elmore)

Maximum Violence (James, Glynn)

Mayday (Demille, Nelson)

Medusa (Dibdin, Michael)

Meet Mr Mulliner (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Memorial Day (Flynn, Vince)

Memory Man (Baldacci, David)

Men Without Women (Hemingway, Ernest)

Mercier and Camier (Beckett, Samuel)

Message From Malaga (Macinnes, Helen)

Messenger (Johnson, Craig)

Meteor (Čapek, Karel)

Metzger's Dog (Perry, Thomas)

Mexico (Michener, James)

Mexico City Noir ((ii), Paco Ignacio Taibo)

Mexico Set (Deighton, Len)

Miami Noir (Standiford, Les)

Middlemarch (Eliot, George)

Middlesex (Eugenides, Jeffrey)

Midnight Man (Murphy, Warren)

Midnight in Europe (Furst, Alan)

Midnight's Children (Rushdie, Salman)

Mike (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Minor in Possession (Jance, J. A.)

Miracle at Augusta (Patterson, James)

Miracle in Seville (Michener, James)

Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel (Patterson, James)

Misery (King, Stephen)

Misery Bay (Hamilton, Steve)

Misfortune Teller (Murphy, Warren)

Missing link (Murphy, Warren)

Mission to Paris (Furst, Alan)

Mississippi Blood (Iles, Greg)

Mistress (Patterson, James)

Mob Psychology (Murphy, Warren)

Moby Dick; Or, The Whale (Melville, Herman)

Moderato Cantabile (Duras, Marguerite)

Modesty Blaise (O'Donnell, Peter)

Mogadishu of the Dead (James, Glynn)

Molloy (Beckett, Samuel)

Moment of Vengeance and Other Stories (Leonard, Elmore)

Money for Nothing (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Money in the Bank (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Monk's Hood (Peters, Ellis)

Monsignor Quixote (Greene, Graham)

Monster (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Moonlight Becomes You (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Moonraker (Fleming, Ian)

More Pricks Than Kicks (Beckett, Samuel)

Mortal Causes (Rankin, Ian)

Mortal Fear (Iles, Greg)

Mortal Memory (Cook, Thomas H.)

Moscow Noir (Smirnova, Natalia)

Moscow Rules (Silva, Daniel)

Mosquitoes (Faulkner, William)

Mother Night (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Mother Russia (Littell, Robert)

Mother's Milk (Aubyn, Edward St.)

Motive (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Mourner (Stark, Richard)

Moving Target (Jance, J. A.)

Mr Paradise (Leonard, Elmore)

Mr. Majestyk (Leonard, Elmore)

Mr. Mercedes (King, Stephen)

Mr. Mulliner Speaking (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Mr. Palomar (Calvino, Italo)

Mrs McGinty's Dead (Christie, Agatha)

Mrs. Eckdorf in O'neill's Hotel (Trevor, William)

Much Obliged, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Mucho Mojo (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Mugger Blood (Murphy, Warren)

Mulholland Dive: Three Stories (Connelly, Michael)

Mulliner Nights (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Mumbai Noir (Tyrewala, Altaf)

Munich (Harris, Robert)

Murder Being Once Done (Rendell, Ruth)

Murder Games (Patterson, James)

Murder In Chinatown (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder Is Easy (Christie, Agatha)

Murder Must Advertise (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Murder On Bank Street (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder Theory (Mayne, Andrew)

Murder Ward (Murphy, Warren)

Murder With Peacocks (Andrews, Donna)

Murder With Puffins (Andrews, Donna)

Murder in Chelsea (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder in Little Italy (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder in Mesopotamia (Christie, Agatha)

Murder in Morningside Heights (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder in Murray Hill (Gaslight Mystery) (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder in the Bowery (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder in the Wind (MacDonald, John D.)

Murder of Quality (Le Carré, John)

Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Astor Place (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Fifth Avenue (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Gramercy Park (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Lenox Hill (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Lexington Avenue (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Marble Row (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Mulberry Bend (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Sisters' Row (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on St. Mark's Place (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Washington Square (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on Waverly Place (Thompson, Victoria)

Murder on the Links (Christie, Agatha)

Murder on the Orient Express (Christie, Agatha)

Murder's Shield (Murphy, Warren)

Murders for Sale (Norton, Andre)

My Antonia (Cather, Willa)

My Brother Michael (Stewart, Mary)

My Cousin Rachel (du Maurier, Daphne)

My Gal Sunday (Clark, Mary Higgins)

My House in Umbria (Trevor, William)

My Kingdom for a Hearse (Rice, Craig)

My Life as a Man (Roth, Philip)

My Lovely Wife (Downing, Samantha)

My Man Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

My Sister, My Love (Oates, Joyce Carol)

Mysteries (Hamsun, Knut)

Mystery (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Mystic River (Lehane, Dennis)

N Is for Noose (Grafton, Sue)

N or M (Christie, Agatha)

Naked (Sedaris, David)

Naked Came the Manatee (Leonard, Elmore)

Name Withheld (Jance, J. A.)

Name of the Devil (Mayne, Andrew)

Narcissus and Goldmund (Hesse, Hermann)

Natchez Burning (Iles, Greg)

Native Son (Wright, Richard)

Native Tongue (Hiaasen, Carl)

Need to Know (Cleveland, Karen)

Neighbors (v1.0) (Finder, Joseph)

Neither Five Nor Three (Macinnes, Helen)

Nemesis (Christie, Agatha)

Nemesis (Roth, Philip)

Never Go Back (Child, Lee)

Never Mind (Aubyn, Edward St)

Never Tell (Burke, Alafair)

Never Tell (Gardner, Lisa)

New Jersey Noir (Oates, Joyce Carol)

New Orleans Noir (Smith, Julie)

News of a Kidnapping (Márquez, Gabriel García)

Next (Crichton, Michael)

Next of Kin (Murphy, Warren)

Night Moves (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Night Over Water (Follett, Ken)

Night Passage (Parker, Robert B.)

Night School (Child, Lee)

Night Shift (King, Stephen)

Night Soldiers (Furst, Alan)

Night Without End (MacLean, Alistair)

Night and Day (Parker, Robert B.)

Nightingale Before Christmas The (Andrews, Donna)

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet: Horror Stories (Matheson, Richard)

Nightmare in Pink (MacDonald, John D.)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes (King, Stephen)

Nightmares of an Ether-Drinker (Lorrain, Jean)

Nights at the Alexandra (Trevor, William)

Nighttime Is My Time (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Nine Coaches Waiting (Stewart, Mary)

Nine Dragons (Connelly, Michael)

Nine Inches (Perrotta, Tom)

No Beast So Fierce (Bunker, Edward)

No Comebacks (Forsyth, Frederick)

No Country for Old Men (McCarthy, Cormac)

No Exit (Adams, Taylor)

No Honor Among Thieves (Jance, J. A.)

No Mercy (Gilstrap, John)

No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Short Stories (Child, Lee)

No More Dying Then (Rendell, Ruth)

No Nest for the Wicket (Andrews, Donna)

No One Writes to the Colonel (Márquez, Gabriel García)

No Place Like Home (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Nobody Runs Forever (Stark, Richard)

Nobody's Perfect (Westlake, Donald E.)

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (Ishiguro, Kazuo)

Nohow On (Beckett, Samuel)

Nooners (Patterson, James)

North From Rome (Macinnes, Helen)

North of Nowhere (Hamilton, Steve)

Norwegian Wood Vol 1. (Murakami, Haruki)

Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard (Conrad, Joseph)

Not George Washington (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Not a Drill (Child, Lee)

Not in the Flesh (Rendell, Ruth)

Nothing Serious (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Nothing in Her Way (Williams, Charles)

Nothing to Lose (Child, Lee)

Notorious Nineteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Novels, Tales, Journeys: The Complete Prose of Alexander Pushkin (Pushkin, Alexander)

Now You See Her (Patterson, James)

Nowhere to Run (Box, C. J.)

Numbers in the Dark (Calvino, Italo)

O Is for Outlaw (Grafton, Sue)

O Jerusalem (King, Laurie R.)

Obsession (Kellerman, Jonathan)

October Men (Price, Anthony)

Octopussy and the Living Daylights (Fleming, Ian)

Of Human Bondage (1915) (Maugham, William Somerset)

Of Mice and Men (Steinbeck, John)

Off the Grid (Box, C. J.)

Oil Slick (Murphy, Warren)

Olive Kitteridge (Strout, Elizabeth)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Fleming, Ian)

On Wings Of Eagles (Follett, Ken)

On the Lisbon Disaster (Steinhauer, Olen)

On the Road (Kerouac, Jack)

On the Street Where You Live (Clark, Mary Higgins)

One Corpse Too Many (Peters, Ellis)

One Fearful Yellow Eye (MacDonald, John D.)

One Good Deed (Baldacci, David)

One Second After (Forstchen, William R.)

One Shot (Child, Lee)

One for the Money (Evanovich, Janet)

One of Ours (Cather, Willa)

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Christie, Agatha)

Open Season (Box, C. J.)

Operation Shylock: A Confession (Roth, Philip)

Ordeal by Innocence (Christie, Agatha)

Order to Kill (Flynn, Vince)

Ordinary Grace (Krueger, William Kent)

Orphan X (Hurwitz, Gregg)

Other Paths to Glory (Price, Anthony)

Other People's Worlds (Trevor, William)

Our Ancestors (Calvino, Italo)

Our Game (Le Carré, John)

Our Gang (Starring Tricky and His Friends) (Roth, Philip)

Our Kind of Traitor (Le Carré, John)

Our Man in Camelot (Price, Anthony)

Our Man in Havana (Greene, Graham)

Out of Range (Box, C. J.)

Out of Sight (Leonard, Elmore)

Out of the Dark (Hurwitz, Gregg)

Outlaw Mountain (Jance, J. A.)

Over the Edge (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Owls Don't Blink (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Owls Well That Ends Well (Andrews, Donna)

P Is for Peril (Grafton, Sue)

Pafko at the Wall (DeLillo, Don)

Pagan Babies (Leonard, Elmore)

Palace of Treason (Matthews, Jason)

Pale Fire (Nabokov, Vladimir)

Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage (Vonnegut, Kurt)

Pan (Hamsun, Knut)

Paper Money (Follett, Ken)

Parade's End (Ford, Ford Madox)

Paradise Lost (Jance, J. A.)

Paranoia/Company Man (Finder, Joseph)

Paris Noir (Masson, Aurélien)

Partisans (MacLean, Alistair)

Partner in Crime (Jance, J. A.)

Partners: A Rogue Lawyer Short Story (Grisham, John)

Passenger to Frankfurt (Christie, Agatha)

Past Tens (Child, Lee)

Path of the Assassin (Thor, Brad)

Patriot Games (Clancy, Tom)

Payment in Kind (Jance, J. A.)

Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Pegasus Descending (Burke, James Lee)

Penguins of America (Patterson, James)

People of Darkness (Hillerman, Tony)

Peril (Cook, Thomas H.)

Peril at End House (Christie, Agatha)

Personal (Child, Lee)

Personal Injuries (Turow, Scott)

Persuader (Child, Lee)

Pet Sematary (King, Stephen)

Peter Camenzind (Hesse, Hermann)

Philadelphia Noir (Romano, Carlin)

Phoenix Noir (Millikin, Patrick)

Piccadilly Jim (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Lindsay, Joan)

Pictor's Metamorphoses (Hesse, Hermann)

Pieces of Modesty (O'Donnell, Peter)

Pigs Have Wings (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Pigs in Heaven (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Pillars of the Earth / World Without End (Follett, Ken)

Pirandello's Henry IV (Stoppard, Tom)

Pirate King: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (King, Laurie R.)

Pittsburgh Noir (George, Kathleen)

Plan B (Finder, Joseph)

Players (DeLillo, Don)

Plays (Chekhov, Anton)

Pleading Guilty (Turow, Scott)

Please Look After Mom (Shin, Kyung-sook)

Plum Lovin' (Evanovich, Janet)

Plum Lucky (Evanovich, Janet)

Plum Pie (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: Crime and the Courts (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: Four Short Tales (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: Life at Home (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: School Days (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: The Life of Writers (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Punch: To Marry or Not to Marry (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Plum Spooky (Evanovich, Janet)

Plunder Squad (Stark, Richard)

Poems (Baudelaire, Charles)

Poems (Hesse, Hermann)

Point Counter Point (Huxley, Aldous)

Point Omega (DeLillo, Don)

Point of Origin (Cornwell, Patricia)

Poland (Michener, James)

Poppet (Hayder, Mo)

Port Mortuary (Cornwell, Patricia)

Portland Noir (Sampsell, Kevin)

Portnoy's Complaint (Roth, Philip)

Portrait in Sepia (Allende, Isabel)

Portrait of a Spy (Silva, Daniel)

Postern of Fate (Christie, Agatha)

Postmortem (Cornwell, Patricia)

Pottymouth and Stoopid (Patterson, James)

Powder Burn (Hiaasen, Carl)

Power Play (Murphy, Warren)

Power Play (Finder, Joseph)

Practical Demonkeeping (Moore, Christopher)

Prague (Phillips, Arthur)

Prague Noir (Mandys, Pavel)

Pray for a Brave Heart (Macinnes, Helen)

Prayers for the Assassin (Ferrigno, Robert)

Predator (Cornwell, Patricia)

Presidential Lottery (Michener, James)

Presumed Innocent (Turow, Scott)

Pretend You Don'T See Her (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Pricksongs & Descants: Fictions (Coover, Robert)

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (Grahame-Smith, Seth)

Prime Witness (Martini, Steve)

Prince of Fire (Silva, Daniel)

Prison Noir (Oates, Joyce Carol)

Private (Patterson, James)

Private Berlin (Patterson, James)

Private Delhi: Count to Ten (Patterson, James)

Private Down Under (Patterson, James)

Private Eyes (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Private Games (Patterson, James)

Private India: City on Fire (Patterson, James)

Private L.A. (Patterson, James)

Private London (Patterson, James)

Private Paris (Patterson, James)

Private Princess (Patterson, James)

Private Rio: The Games (Patterson, James)

Private Sydney: Missing (Patterson, James)

Private Vegas (Patterson, James)

Private: #1 Suspect (Patterson, James)

Private: Gold (Patterson, James)

Prodigal Summer (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Profit Motive (Murphy, Warren)

Pronto (Leonard, Elmore)

Proof (Francis, Dick)

Proof of Life (Jance, J. A)

Prophet of Doom (Murphy, Warren)

Pros and Cons (Evanovich, Janet)

Protect and Defend (Flynn, Vince)

Psmith in the City (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Psmith, Journalist (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Psycho (Bloch, Robert)

Public School Superhero (Patterson, James)

Pulp (Bukowski, Charles)

Puppet on a Chain (MacLean, Alistair)

Purple Cane Road (Burke, James Lee)

Pursuit of Honor (Flynn, Vince)

Put Out More Flags (Waugh, Evelyn)

Put on by Cunning (Rendell, Ruth)

Pylon (Faulkner, William)

Q Is for Quarry (Grafton, Sue)

Queen of the Night (Jance, J. A.)

Queens Noir (Knightly, Robert)

Quick Service (Wodehouse, P.G.)

R Is for Ricochet (Grafton, Sue)

Rabbit Is Rich (Updike, John)

Rabbit Redux (Updike, John)

Rabbit at Rest (Updike, John)

Rabbit, Run (Updike, John)

Rage (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Ragtime (Doctorow, EL)

Rain of Terror (Murphy, Warren)

Rainbow Six (Clancy, Tom)

Random Acts (Jance, J. A.)

Rant: The Oral Biography of Buster Casey (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Rare Coin Score (Stark, Richard)

Rascals in Paradise (Michener, James)

Rat Race (Francis, Dick)

Rather Be the Devil (Rankin, Ian)

Ratking (Dibdin, Michael)

Ratner's Star (DeLillo, Don)

Rattlesnake Crossing (Jance, J. A.)

Raylan (Leonard, Elmore)

Razor Girl (Hiaasen, Carl)

Reader's Block (Markson, David)

Ready Player One (Cline, Ernest)

Real Tigers (Herron, Mick)

Rebecca (du Maurier, Daphne)

Recoil (McNab, Andy)

Red Alert--An NYPD Red Mystery (Patterson, James)

Red Clocks (Zumas, Leni)

Red Dragon (Harris, Thomas)

Red Gold (Furst, Alan)

Red Mist (Cornwell, Patricia)

Red Rabbit (Clancy, Tom)

Red Roofs and Other Stories (Tanizaki, Jun'Ichiro)

Redemption Road (Hart, John)

Reflex (Francis, Dick)

Reinventing the Rose (Harvey, Kenneth J.)

Relic (Preston, Douglas)

Reliquary (Preston, Douglas)

Remains of Innocence (Jance, J. A.)

Remember Me (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Remote Control (McNab, Andy)

Rendezvous (Demille, Nelson)

Requiem for a Nun (Faulkner, William)

Resurrection Men (Rankin, Ian)

Return Engagement (Murphy, Warren)

Return to Paradise (Michener, James)

Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos (Andrews, Donna)

Reversible Errors (Turow, Scott)

Richmond Noir (Blossom, Andrew)

Ride Proud, Rebel! (Norton, Andre)

Ride a Pale Horse (Macinnes, Helen)

Riders of the Purple Sage (Grey, Zane)

Riding the Rap (Leonard, Elmore)

Right Ho, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Righteous (Ide, Joe)

Ring In the Dead (Jance, J. A.)

Ring for Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Ripley Under Ground (Highsmith, Patricia)

Ripley Under Water (Highsmith, Patricia)

Ripley's Game (Highsmith, Patricia)

Risk (Francis, Dick)

Ritual: A Novel (Hayder, Mo)

Rituals of the Season (Maron, Margaret)

River Girl (Williams, Charles)

River of Death (MacLean, Alistair)

Road Dogs (Leonard, Elmore)

Road Rage (Rendell, Ruth)

Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot (Coleman, Reed Farrel)

Robert B. Parker's Damned if You Do (Brandman, Michael)

Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (Brandman, Michael)

Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues (Brandman, Michael)

Robert B. Parker's the Devil Wins (Coleman, Reed Farrel)

Robert Louis Stevenson: An Anthology (Stevenson, Robert Louis)

Robicheaux (Burke, James Lee)

Robinson Crusoe (Defoe, Daniel)

Rock 'n' Roll (Stoppard, Tom)

Rock Springs (Ford, Richard)

Rockabye and Other Short Pieces (Beckett, Samuel)

Rogue Lawyer (Grisham, John)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Kuan-Chung, Lo)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (Kuan-Chung, Lo)

Room (Donoghue, Emma)

Rose Cottage (Stewart, Mary)

Rose Gold (Mosley, Walter)

Rose Madder (King, Stephen)

Rosemary's Baby (Levin, Ira)

Rough Animals (Delbianco, Rae)

Rough Country (Sandford, John)

Rudyard Kipling's Tales of Horror and Fantasy (Kipling, Rudyard)

Rule Britannia (du Maurier, Daphne)

Rum Punch (Leonard, Elmore)

Rumble Tumble (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Rumi: the book of love: poems of ecstasy and longing (Rumi)

Running Blind (Child, Lee)

Running Dog (DeLillo, Don)

Rusty Puppy (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Ruth's First Christmas (Griffiths, Elly)

S Is for Silence (Grafton, Sue)

Sabbath's Theater (Roth, Philip)

Sabre-Tooth (O'Donnell, Peter)

Sacre Bleu (Moore, Christopher)

Sacred Clowns (Hillerman, Tony)

Sad Cypress (Christie, Agatha)

Sad Wind from the Sea (Higgins, Jack)

Sail (Patterson, James)

Saints of the Shadow Bible (Rankin, Ian)

Salem's Lot (King, Stephen)

Salvage the Bones (Ward, Jesmyn)

Samuel Johnson Is Indignant: Stories (Davis, Lydia)

San Andreas (MacLean, Alistair)

San Diego Noir (Hart, Maryelizabeth)

San Francisco Noir (Maravelis, Peter)

San Francisco Noir 2: The Classics (Maravelis, Peter)

Sanctuary (Faulkner, William)

Sand Sharks (Maron, Margaret)

Sandstorm (Rollins, James)

Santa Cruise (Clark, Mary Higgins)

SantaLand Diaries (Sedaris, David)

Santorini (MacLean, Alistair)

Sartoris (Faulkner, William)

Satan in Goray (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

Satori (Winslow, Don)

Savage Run (Box, C. J.)

Savage Season: A Hap and Leonard Novel (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Savages (Winslow, Don)

Say You're Sorry (Leigh, Melinda)

Sayonara (Michener, James)

Scarecrow (Reilly, Matthew)

Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (Reilly, Matthew)

Scaredy Cat (Billingham, Mark)

Scarface (Norton, Andre)

Scarpetta (Cornwell, Patricia)

Scold's Bridle (Walters, Minette)

Scoop (Waugh, Evelyn)

Scorched Earth (Murphy, Warren)

Scot Harvath - 04 - Blowback (Thor, Brad)

Scott Free (Patterson, James)

Scottish Ghost Stories (O'Donnell, Elliott)

Screwjack: A Short Story (Thompson, Hunter S)

Sculptress (Walters, Minette)

Sea Change (Parker, Robert B.)

Season of the Machete (Patterson, James)

Seattle Noir (Colbert, Curt)

Seawitch (MacLean, Alistair)

Second Honeymoon (Patterson, James)

Second Sight (Clifford, Aoife)

Second Time Around (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Second Watch (Jance, J. A.)

Second Wind (1999) (Francis, Dick)

Secondhand Souls (Moore, Christopher)

Selected Poems (Lorca, Federico Garcia)

Selected Poems 1930-1988 (Beckett, Samuel)

Selected Stories (Trevor, William)

Selected Stories (Forster, E.M.)

Selected Stories of Anton Chekhov (Chekhov, Anton)

Selected Tales (James, Henry)

Selection Day (Adiga, Aravind)

Self-Defense (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Separate Flights (Dubus, Andre)

Separation of Power (Flynn, Vince)

Service With a Smile (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Set in Darkness (Rankin, Ian)

Seven Up (Evanovich, Janet)

Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls (Rankin, Robert)

Shadow of Power (Martini, Steve)

Shadow on the Sun (Matheson, Richard)

Shake Hands for Ever (Rendell, Ruth)

Shape of Snakes (Walters, Minette)

Sharp Objects (Flynn, Gillian)

Shattered (Francis, Dick)

She Lies in Wait (Lodge, Gytha)

Shelter in Place (Roberts, Nora)

Ship Of Death (Murphy, Warren)

Shock III Thirteen Tales To Thrill & Terrify (Matheson, Richard)

Shock Value (Murphy, Warren)

Shock Wave (Sandford, John)

Shock: 13 Tales to Thrill and Terrify (Matheson, Richard)

Shogun: The Epic Novel of Japan (James Clavell)

Shoot Don't Shoot (Jance, J. A.)

Shoot the Woman First (Stroby, Wallace)

Shooting Schedule (Murphy, Warren)

Shooting at Loons (Maron, Margaret)

Short Friday: And Other Stories (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

Short Stories (Hemingway, Ernest)

Shots Fired: Stories From Joe Pickett Country (Box, C. J.)

Shutter Island (Lehane, Dennis)

Sick Puppy (Hiaasen, Carl)

Siddhartha (Hesse, Hermann)

Siege at the Villa Lipp (Ambler, Eric)

Silencer (McNab, Andy)

Silent Joe (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Silent Night (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Silent Partner (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Silent Victim (Mitchell, Caroline)

Simisola (Rendell, Ruth)

Since We Fell (Lehane, Dennis)

Sing to It: New Stories (Hempel, Amy)

Single & Single (Le Carré, John)

Sins of the Assassin (Ferrigno, Robert)

Sion Crossing (Price, Anthony)

Sister Carrie (Dreiser, Theodore)

Sister Noon (Fowler, Karen Joy)

Six Days of the Condor (Grady, James)

Six Easy Pieces (Mosley, Walter)

Six Geese A-Slaying (Andrews, Donna)

Sizzling Sixteen (Evanovich, Janet)

Skeleton Canyon (Jance, J. A.)

Skeleton Man (Hillerman, Tony)

Skin (Hayder, Mo)

Skin Deep (Murphy, Warren)

Skink No Surrender (Hiaasen, Carl)

Skinny Dip (Hiaasen, Carl)

Skinwalkers (Hillerman, Tony)

Skull Duggery (Murphy, Warren)

Slammerkin (Donoghue, Emma)

Slave Safari (Murphy, Warren)

Slay Ride (Francis, Dick)

Slayground (Stark, Richard)

Sleep No More (Iles, Greg)

Sleeping Beauties (King, Stephen)

Sleeping Murder (Christie, Agatha)

Sleeping on Jupiter (Roy, Anuradha)

Sleepyhead (Billingham, Mark)

Slide (Browne, Gerald A.)

Sliver of Truth (Unger, Lisa)

Slow Dollar (Maron, Margaret)

Slow Horses (Herron, Mick)

Slumberland (Beatty, Paul)

Small Wars (Child, Lee)

Small Wonder: Essays (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Smiley's People (Le Carré, John)

Smoke and Mirrors (Griffiths, Elly)

Smokescreen (Francis, Dick)

Smokin' Seventeen (Evanovich, Janet)

Snare of the Hunter (Macinnes, Helen)

Snatched (Slaughter, Karin)

Snow Angels (O'Nan, Stewart)

Snow Ashes (Hagy, Alyson)

Snuff (Palahniuk, Chuck)

So Cold the River (Koryta, Michael)

SoSH Short Stories (Various)

Sodom and Gomorrah (Proust, Marcel)

Soldier No More (Price, Anthony)

Soldiers' Pay (Faulkner, William)

Sole Survivor (Murphy, Warren)

Some Hope (Aubyn, Edward St.)

Some Lie and Some Die (Rendell, Ruth)

Some Women Won't Wait (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Something Fresh (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Sometimes I Lie (Feeney, Alice)

Sons and Lovers (Lawrence, D. H.)

Sophie's Choice (Styron, William)

Sour Lemon Score (Stark, Richard)

South by Java Head (MacLean, Alistair)

Southern Discomfort (Maron, Margaret)

Space (Michener, James)

Spandau Phoenix (Iles, Greg)

Sparkling Cyanide (Christie, Agatha)

Spencerville (Demille, Nelson)

Spider's Web (Christie, Agatha)

Spies of the Balkans (Furst, Alan)

Spill the Jackpot (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Spirit of Steamboat (Johnson, Craig)

Split (Stark, Richard)

Split Image (Parker, Robert B.)

Split Images (Leonard, Elmore)

Spoils of War (Murphy, Warren)

Spook Street (Herron, Mick)

Sports in America (Michener, James)

Spring (Smith, Ali)

Spring Fever (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Spy Hook (Deighton, Len)

Spy Line (Deighton, Len)

Spy Sinker (Deighton, Len)

Spy Story (Deighton, Len)

Spymaster (Thor, Brad)

St. Peter's Fair (Peters, Ellis)

Stand Down (Jance, J. A.)

Standing in Another Man's Grave (Rankin, Ian)

Star Island (Hiaasen, Carl)

Stark (Bunker, Edward)

Start-Up (Steinhauer, Olen)

State of Siege (Ambler, Eric)

State of the Union (Thor, Brad)

Staten Island Noir (Smith, Patricia)

Stealing Gulfstreams (Patterson, James)

Steeplechase (Patterson, James)

Stephen Florida (Habash, Gabe)

Steppenwolf (Hesse, Hermann)

Stick (Leonard, Elmore)

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Still Dead (Jance, J. A.)

Still Life (Penny, Louise)

Still Life With Crows (Preston, Douglas)

Still Midnight (Mina, Denise)

Sting (Watson, Jude)

Stingrays (Patterson, James)

Stone 588 (Browne, Gerald A.)

Stone Cold (Parker, Robert B.)

Stone Cold (Box, C. J.)

Stone Mattress (Atwood, Margaret)

Stoner (Williams, John)

Stories (Lessing, Doris)

Stories (Chekhov, Anton)

Stories and Texts for Nothing (Beckett, Samuel)

Stork Raving Mad (Andrews, Donna)

Storm Front (Sandford, John)

Storm Runners (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Storm Track (Maron, Margaret)

Stormy Petrel (Stewart, Mary)

Stormy Weather (Hiaasen, Carl)

Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, Griot and the Snow Dog (Lessing, Doris)

Stranger in Paradise (Parker, Robert B.)

Strangers on a Train (Highsmith, Patricia)

Streets of Fire (Cook, Thomas H.)

Striding Folly (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Strip Jack (Rankin, Ian)

Striptease (Hiaasen, Carl)

Strong Poison (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Studs Lonigan (Farrell, James T.)

Sublime Blue: Selected Early Odes by Pablo Neruda (Neruda, Pablo)

Subterranean (Rollins, James)

Sue Me (Murphy, Warren)

Suffer the Little Children (Leon, Donna)

Suicide Run: Three Harry Bosch Stories (Connelly, Michael)

Summer Lightning (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Summer Moonshine (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Summer of Fear (Parker, T. Jefferson)

Summit Chase (Murphy, Warren)

Sunburn (Lippman, Laura)

Sundays at Tiffany's (Patterson, James)

Sunset Limited (Burke, James Lee)

Sunset and Sawdust (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Survival Course (Murphy, Warren)

Survival of the Fittest (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Survivor (Palahniuk, Chuck)

Suspicion (Finder, Joseph)

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (Patterson, James)

Swag (Leonard, Elmore)

Swan Peak (Burke, James Lee)

Swan for the Money (Andrews, Donna)

Sweet Dreams (Murphy, Warren)

Sweet Reason (Littell, Robert)

Sweet Thursday (Steinbeck, John)

Swimsuit (Patterson, James)

Switchblade: An Original Story (Connelly, Michael)

Sycamore Row (Grisham, John)

Syndication Rites (Murphy, Warren)

T Is for Trespass (Grafton, Sue)

Takedown (Thor, Brad)

Takedown Twenty (Evanovich, Janet)

Taken at the Flood (Christie, Agatha)

Taking the Fifth (Jance, J. A.)

Taking the Titanic (Patterson, James)

Tales From a Master's Notebook: Stories Henry James Never Wrote (Various)

Tales of St Austin's (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Tales of the South Pacific (Michener, James)

Talk of the Town (Williams, Charles)

Talking God (Hillerman, Tony)

Tangerine (Mangan, Christine)

Target of Opportunity (Murphy, Warren)

Telex From Cuba (Kushner, Rachel)

Tell No One (Coben, Harlan)

Ten Big Ones (Evanovich, Janet)

Ten Plays by Euripides (Euripides)

Ten-Thirty on a Summer Night (Duras, Marguerite)

Tender Is the Night (Fitzgerald, F. Scott)

Tenth of December: Stories (Saunders, George)

Terminal Transmission (Murphy, Warren)

Terror Squad (Murphy, Warren)

Testimony (Turow, Scott)

Texas (Michener, James)

Texts for Nothing and Other Shorter Prose, 1950–1976 (Beckett, Samuel)

Thalia (McMurtry, Larry)

Thank You, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The '44 Vintage (Price, Anthony)

The 1st Deadly Sin (Sanders, Lawrence)

The 25th Hour (Benioff, David)

The 40s: The Story of a Decade (New Yorker: The Story of a Decade) (Finder, Henry)

The 42nd Parallel (Dos Passos, John)

The 500: A Novel (Quirk, Matthew)

The 50s: The Story of a Decade (New Yorker: The Story of a Decade) (Finder, Henry)

The 6th Extinction (Rollins, James)

The 7th Month (Gardner, Lisa)

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Turton, Stuart)

The A B C Murders (Christie, Agatha)

The Abstinence Teacher (Perrotta, Tom)

The Adventures of Augie March (Bellow, Saul)

The Adventures of Sally (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Affair (Child, Lee)

The Afghan (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Afternoon of Mr. Andesmas (Duras Marguerite)

The Age of Innocence (Wharton, Edith)

The Alamut Ambush (Price, Anthony)

The Alchemist (Coelho, Paulo)

The Alexandria Quartet: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive, Clea (Durrell, Lawrence)

The Alienist (Carr, Caleb)

The Altman Code (Ludlum, Robert)

The Ambassador's Daughter (Jenoff, Pam)

The Ambassadors (James, Henry)

The Ambler Warning (Ludlum, Robert)

The Anatomy Lesson (Roth, Philip)

The Anger of Achilles (Graves, Robert)

The Animal Factory (Bunker, Edward)

The Annotated Milton: Complete English Poems (Milton, John)

The Anonymous Venetian (Leon, Donna)

The Antipope (Rankin, Robert)

The Ape Man's Brother (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Apex Predator (Koryta, Michael)

The Apocalypse Watch (Ludlum, Robert)

The Apostle (Thor, Brad)

The Apple Tree (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Aquitaine Progression (Ludlum, Robert)

The Arabian Nights (Muhsin Mahdi)

The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights, Volume 1 (Irwin, Robert)

The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights, Volume 2 (Irwin, Robert)

The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights: Volume 3 (Irwin, Robert)

The Arctic Event (Ludlum, Robert)

The Arms of Kali (Murphy, Warren)

The Arraignment (Martini, Steve)

The Athens Solution (Thor, Brad)

The Attorney (Martini, Steve)

The Autumn of the Patriarch (Márquez, Gabriel García)

The Babes in the Wood (Rendell, Ruth)

The Ballad of Dingus Magee (Markson, David)

The Ballad of Dingus Magee (Markson, David)

The Barbed-Wire Kiss (Stroby, Wallace)

The Baroque Cycle: Quicksilver, the Confusion, and the System of the World (Stephenson, Neal)

The Beach House (Patterson, James)

The Bean Trees (Kingsolver, Barbara)

The Bear And The Dragon (Clancy, Tom)

The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories (Rankin, Ian)

The Beautiful Mystery (Penny, Louise)

The Beekeeper's Apprentice (King, Laurie R.)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2012 (Penzler, Otto)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2014 (Lippman, Laura)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 (Patterson, James)

The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 (Sandford, John)

The Best American Mystery Stories 4 (Connelly, Michael (Edited by))

The Best American Mystery Stories of the Nineteenth Century (Penzler, Otto)

The Best American Noir Of The Century (Ellroy, James and Penzler, Otto)

The Best American Short Stories 2011 (Brooks, Geraldine and Pitlor, Heidi)

The Best American Short Stories 2012 (Perrotta, Tom)

The Best American Short Stories 2014 (Egan, Jennifer)

The Best American Short Stories 2016 (Junot Díaz)

The Best American Short Stories 2017 (Wolitzer, Meg)

The Best American Short Stories of the Century (Updike, John)

The Best Australian Stories 2010 (Kennedy, Cate)

The Best British Short Stories 2014 (Royle, Nicholas)

The Best Man to Die (Rendell, Ruth)

The Best Short Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky (Dostoevsky, Fyodor)

The Best of the Best American Mystery Stories: The First Ten Years (The Best American Series ®) (Penzler, Otto)

The Big Bite (Williams, Charles)

The Big Bounce (Leonard, Elmore)

The Big Four (Christie, Agatha)

The Big Money (Dos Passos, John)

The Bigger They Come (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

The Birds and Other Stories (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Bird’s Nest (Jackson, Shirley)

The Black Angel (Connolly, John)

The Black Book (Rankin, Ian)

The Black Book (Patterson, James)

The Black Box (Connelly, Michael)

The Black Echo (Connelly, Michael)

The Black Ice (Connelly, Michael)

The Black Widow (Silva, Daniel)

The Blessing Way (Hillerman, Tony)

The Blood Card (Griffiths, Elly)

The Boar (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Body Artist (DeLillo, Don)

The Body Farm (Cornwell, Patricia)

The Body Reader (Frasier, Anne)

The Body in the Library (Christie, Agatha)

The Bomb Maker (Perry, Thomas)

The Bone Bed (Cornwell, Patricia)

The Bone Labyrinth (Rollins, James)

The Bone Tree (Iles, Greg)

The Bones Beneath (Billingham, Mark)

The Book Thief (Zusak, Markus)

The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition (Pessoa, Fernando)

The Book of Evidence (Banville, John)

The Book of Fate (Meltzer, Brad)

The Book of Lies (Meltzer, Brad)

The Book of the Dead (Preston, Douglas)

The Bostonians (James, Henry)

The Bottoms (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Bounty Hunters (Leonard, Elmore)

The Bourne Identity (Ludlum, Robert)

The Bourne Supremacy (Ludlum, Robert)

The Bourne Ultimatum (Ludlum, Robert)

The Boy Who Followed Ripley (Highsmith, Patricia)

The Boys From Brazil (Levin, Ira)

The Brass Verdict (Connelly, Michael)

The Breaking Point (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Brentford Chainstore Mas (Rankin, Robert)

The Brentford Triangle (Rankin, Robert)

The Bridge Over the River Kwai (Boulle, Pierre)

The Bridge at Andau (Michener, James)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Wilder, Thornton)

The Bridge of Sighs (Steinhauer, Olen)

The Bridges at Toko-ri (Michener, James)

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007) (Díaz, Junot)

The Brimstone Wedding (Rendell, Ruth)

The Broken Places (Atkins, Ace)

The Brotherhood of the Rose (Morrell, David)

The Brothers Cabal (Howard, Jonathan L.)

The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoyevsky, Fyodor)

The Brunist Day of Wrath (Coover, Robert)

The Brutal Telling (Penny, Louise)

The Burden of Proof (Turow, Scott)

The Burglar (Perry, Thomas)

The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar in the Closet (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar in the Library (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar in the Rye (Block, Lawrence)

The Burglar on the Prowl (Block, Lawrence)

The Buried Giant (Ishiguro, Kazuo)

The Burning Girl (Billingham, Mark)

The Burning Room (Connelly, Michael)

The Burning Soul (Connolly, John)

The Butcher's Theater (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Buzzard Table (Maron, Margaret)

The Cabinet of Curiosities (Preston, Douglas)

The Cage Keeper: And Other Stories (Dubus III, Andre)

The Caine Mutiny (Wouk, Herman)

The Cairo Affair (Steinhauer, Olen)

The Canterbury Tales: A Retelling (Ackroyd, Peter)

The Caper (Evanovich, Janet)

The Captain and the Enemy (Greene, Graham)

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Clancy, Tom)

The Cartel (Winslow, Don)

The Cassandra Compact (Ludlum, Robert)

The Castle (Kafka, Franz)

The Castle of Crossed Destinies (Calvino, Italo)

The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger, J.D.)

The Chain (McKinty, Adrian)

The Chalk Man (Tudor, C. J.)

The Chalk Pit (Griffiths, Elly)

The Charm School (Demille, Nelson)

The Charterhouse of Parma (Stendhal)

The Chase (Evanovich, Janet)

The Chatham School Affair (Cook, Thomas H.)

The Child (Barton, Fiona)

The Chimney Sweeper's Boy (Rendell, Ruth)

The Christmas Mystery (Patterson, James)

The Christmas Thief (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The Christmas Wedding (Patterson, James)

The Cider House Rules (Irving, John)

The Cinderella Murder (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The City When It Rains (Cook, Thomas H.)

The Clan of the Cave Bear (Auel, Jean M.)

The Clicking of Cuthbert (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Clinic (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Clocks (Christie, Agatha)

The Closers (Connelly, Michael)

The Club Dumas (Perez-Reverte, Arturo)

The Cobra (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Code of the Woosters (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Cold Dish (Johnson, Craig)

The Collected Raymond Chandler (Chandler, Raymond)

The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder, Volume I (Wilder, Thornton)

The Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder, Volume II: 002 (Wilder, Thornton)

The Collected Stories (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel (Hempel, Amy)

The Collected Stories of Eudora Welty (Welty, Eudora)

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis (Davis, Lydia)

The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol (Gogol, Nikolai)

The Collected Works of E. F. Benson: 23 Novels & 30+ Short Stories (Illustrated): Dodo Trilogy, Queen Lucia, Miss Mapp, David Blaize, the Room in the Tower, ... The Angel of Pain, the Rubicon and More (Benson, E.F.)

The Color Purple (Walker, Alice)

The Color of Fear (Murphy, Warren)

The Colossus: And Other Poems (Plath, Sylvia)

The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk and Popular Literature (Translations From the Asian Classics) (Mair, Victor)

The Comedians (Greene, Graham)

The Coming of Bill (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Company (Littell, Robert)

The Company Man (Bennett, Robert Jackson)

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Watterson, Bill)

The Complete Charles Dickens Collection (Charles Dickens)

The Complete Cosmicomics (Calvino, Italo)

The Complete Dramatic Works (Beckett, Samuel)

The Complete Plays of Sophocles (Sophocles)

The Complete Poems (Keats, John)

The Complete Poems (Brontë, Emily)

The Complete Short Stories of Marcel Proust (Proust, Marcel)

The Complete Stories (O'Connor, Flannery)

The Complete Tales and Poems (Poe, Edgar Allan)

The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard (Leonard, Elmore)

The Complete Works of Aeschylus (Aeschylus)

The Concrete Blonde (A Harry Bosch Novel) (Connelly, Michael)

The Confession (Grisham, John)

The Confession (Steinhauer, Olen)

The Confession of Brother Haluin (Peters, Ellis)

The Confessor (Silva, Daniel)

The Conspiracy Club (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Constant Gardener (Le Carré, John)

The Corpse Steps Out (Rice, Craig)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas, Alexandre)

The Covenant: A Novel (Michener, James)

The Crimson Petal and the White (Faber, Michel)

The Crimson Rooms (McMahon, Katharine)

The Crossing (Connelly, Michael)

The Crossing (McCarthy, Cormac)

The Crossing Places (Griffiths, Elly)

The Crucible (Miller, Arthur)

The Cruelest Month (Penny, Louise)

The Cry of the Halidon (Ludlum, Robert)

The Cuban Affair (Demille, Nelson)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Haddon, Mark)

The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen (Datlow, Ellen)

The Cypress House (Koryta, Michael)

The Danger (Francis, Dick)

The Dangerous Summer (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Dark Crusader (MacLean, Alistair)

The Dark Horse (Johnson, Craig)

The Dark Horse (Murphy, Warren)

The Dark Side of the Island (Higgins, Jack)

The Dark Wind (Hillerman, Tony)

The Darkest Secret (Marwood, Alex)

The Daughter of Time (Tey, Josephine)

The Day of the Jackal (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Day of the Locust (West, Nathanael)

The Dead Key (Pulley, D. M.)

The Dead Zone (King, Stephen)

The Death of Faith (Leon, Donna)

The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories (Tolstoy, Leo)

The Death of King Arthur: The Immortal Legend (Ackroyd, Peter)

The Death of Mrs. Westaway (Ware, Ruth)

The Death of the Heart (Bowen, Elizabeth)

The Decameron (Boccaccio, Giovanni)

The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories (Quiroga, Horacio)

The Deceiver (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Deep Blue Goodbye (MacDonald, John Dann)

The Deep Blue Goodbye (MacDonald, John D.)

The Defector (Silva, Daniel)

The Demon Crown (Rollins, James)

The Devil Colony (Rollins, James)

The Devil and Miss Prym (Coelho, Paulo)

The Devil's Alternative (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Devil's Bed (Krueger, William Kent)

The Devil's Novice (Peters, Ellis)

The Devil's Punchbowl (Iles, Greg)

The Devil’s Share (Stroby, Wallace)

The Diamond Hunters (Smith, Wilbur)

The Diplomat's Wife (Jenoff, Pam)

The Directive: A Novel (Quirk, Matthew)

The Disappeared (Box, C. J.)

The Divine Comedy (Alighieri, Dante)

The Doll (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Dolls (Patterson, James)

The Doomsday Key (Rollins, James)

The Double Image (Macinnes, Helen)

The Drifter (Petrie, Nick)

The Drifters (Michener, James)

The Driver (Hanson, Hart)

The Drop (Lehane, Dennis)

The Drop (Connelly, Michael)

The Dry (Harper, Jane)

The Dry (Americanized) (Harper, Jane)

The Dry (Original) (Harper, Jane)

The Dying Animal (Roth, Philip)

The Dying Animal (Roth, Philip)

The Dying Hours (Billingham, Mark)

The Early Stories (Updike, John)

The Edge (Francis, Dick)

The Editor (Rowley, Steven)

The Egyptologist (Phillips, Arthur)

The Eiger Sanction (Trevanian)

The Eight (Neville, Katherine)

The Eight Mountains (Cognetti, Paolo)

The Eleventh Hour (Murphy, Warren)

The Elizas (Shepard, Sara)

The Empire Dreams (Murphy, Warren)

The Empty Trap (MacDonald, John D.)

The End of Everything (Abbott, Megan)

The End of the Affair (Greene, Graham)

The End of the Beginning (Murphy, Warren)

The End of the Game (Murphy, Warren)

The End of the Story (Davis, Lydia)

The End of the Wasp Season (Mina, Denise)

The End: An Owen Taylor Story (Patterson, James)

The Enemy (Child, Lee)

The Enemy Inside (Martini, Steve)

The English Assassin (Silva, Daniel)

The English Girl (Silva, Daniel)

The English Spy (Silva, Daniel)

The Escape Artist (Meltzer, Brad)

The Everlasting Story of Nory (Baker, Nicholson)

The Ex (Burke, Alafair)

The Executioner's Song (Mailer, Norman)

The Exile (Patterson, James)

The Exiles and Other Stories (Quiroga, Horacio)

The Eye of God (Rollins, James)

The Fahrenheit Twins (Faber, Michel)

The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse (Hesse, Hermann)

The Fall (Camus, Albert)

The Fall of the House of Cabal (Howard, Jonathan L.)

The Fallen (Baldacci, David)

The Fallen Angel (Silva, Daniel)

The Fallen Man (Hillerman, Tony)

The Falls (Rankin, Ian)

The Familiar (Danielewski, Mark Z.)

The Family Lawyer (Patterson, James)

The Fatal Fashione (Harper, Karen)

The Faulkner Reader: Selections From the Works of William Faulkner (Faulkner, William)

The Fear Institute (Howard, Jonathan L.)

The Female Persuasion (Wolitzer, Meg)

The Fermata (Baker, Nicholson)

The Fever (Abbott, Megan)

The Fifth Witness (Connelly, Michael)

The Final Crusade (Murphy, Warren)

The Final Death (Murphy, Warren)

The Final Reel (Murphy, Warren)

The Final Solution (Chabon, Michael)

The Fire Gospel (Faber, Michel)

The Fires of Spring (Michener, James)

The Firm (Grisham, John)

The First Commandment (Thor, Brad)

The First Counsel (Meltzer, Brad)

The First Eagle (Hillerman, Tony)

The First Lady Chatterly (Lawrence, D. H.)

The First Man (Camus, Albert)

The First Rumpole Omnibus (Mortimer, John)

The Fisherman (Langan, John)

The Fist of God (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Five Red Herrings (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

The Five and Twenty Tales of the Genie (Sivadasa)

The Fix (Baldacci, David)

The Fixer (Finder, Joseph)

The Fixer (Malamud, Bernard)

The Flamethrowers (Kushner, Rachel)

The Flight Attendant (Bohjalian, Chris)

The Flight of the Falcon (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Force (Winslow, Don)

The Foreign Correspondent (Furst, Alan)

The Forsaken (Atkins, Ace)

The Fountainhead (Rand, Ayn)

The Four-Gated City (Lessing, Doris)

The Fourth Hand (Irving, John)

The Fourth Postman (Rice, Craig)

The Fourth Protocol (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Fox (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Franchise Affair (Tey, Josephine)

The Fruit of the Drunken Tree (Contreras, Ingrid Rojas)

The Fyre Mirror (Harper, Karen)

The Gabriel Hounds (Stewart, Mary)

The Game (King, Laurie R.)

The Garden of Eden (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Garden of Last Days (Dubus III, Andre)

The General in His Labyrinth (Márquez, Gabriel García)

The Ghost Fields (Griffiths, Elly)

The Ghost Writer (Roth, Philip)

The Ghostway (Hillerman, Tony)

The Girl Who Lived Twice (Lagercrantz, David)

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (King, Stephen)

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Larsson, Stieg)

The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Lagercrantz, David)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Book 1 of the Millennium Trilogy (Larsson, Stieg)

The Girl in Blue (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Girl in the Spider's Web (Lagercrantz, David)

The Girl of His Dreams (Leon, Donna)

The Girl on the Boat (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Girl on the Train (Hawkins, Paula)

The Given Day (Lehane, Dennis)

The Glass Bead Game (Hesse, Hermann)

The Glass Key (Hammett, Dashiell)

The Glass Rainbow (Burke, James Lee)

The God of the Hive: A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (King, Laurie R.)

The Godfather (Puzo, Mario)

The Gods of Guilt (Connelly, Michael)

The Goethe Treasury (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)

The Gold Bat (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Gold Coast (Demille, Nelson)

The Golden Bowl (James, Henry)

The Golden Egg (Leon, Donna)

The Golden Gate (MacLean, Alistair)

The Golden House (Rushdie, Salman)

The Golden Notebook (Lessing, Doris)

The Golden Rendezvous (MacLean, Alistair)

The Golem of Hollywood (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Golem of Paris (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Good Earth (Buck, Pearl S.)

The Good Terrorist (Lessing, Doris)

The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (Andrews, Donna)

The Grandmothers (Lessing, Doris)

The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck, John)

The Great American Novel (Roth, Philip)

The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald, F. Scott)

The Great Novels and Short Stories of Somerset Maugham (Maugham, William Somerset)

The Great Rebellion (Bernstein, Lenny)

The Great Train Robbery (Crichton, Michael)

The Green Eagle Score (Stark, Richard)

The Green Gene (Dickinson, Peter)

The Green Mile (King, Stephen)

The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (Townsend, Sue)

The Guermantes Way (Proust, Marcel)

The Guilt We Carry (Gailey, Samuel W.)

The Guns of Navarone (MacLean, Alistair)

The Hades Factor (Ludlum, Robert)

The Hamlet (Faulkner, William)

The Hammer of Eden (Follett, Ken)

The Hanging Garden (Rankin, Ian)

The Hangman (Penny, Louise)

The Hard Way (Child, Lee)

The Head Men (Murphy, Warren)

The Head of Kay's (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (McCullers, Carson)

The Heart of a Goof (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Heart of the Matter (Greene, Graham)

The Heartbreak Lounge (Stroby, Wallace)

The Heist (Silva, Daniel)

The Heist (Evanovich, Janet)

The Hen of the Baskervilles (Andrews, Donna)

The Heretic's Apprentice (Peters, Ellis)

The Hermit of Eyton Forest (Peters, Ellis)

The Highway (Box, C. J.)

The Highwayman: A Longmire Story (Johnson, Craig)

The Hill Bachelors (Trevor, William)

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (Fielding, Henry)

The Hollow (Christie, Agatha)

The Holy Thief (Peters, Ellis)

The Honorable Schoolboy (Le Carré, John)

The Hooded Hawke (Harper, Karen)

The Horizon (Fuchs, Michael Stephen)

The Hot Kid (Leonard, Elmore)

The Hotel New Hampshire (Irving, John)

The Hour of The Donkey (Price, Anthony)

The Hours (Cunningham, Michael)

The House Husband (Patterson, James)

The House Next Door (Patterson, James)

The House Of The Spirits (Allende, Isabel)

The House at Sea's End (Griffiths, Elly)

The House of Cards Complete Trilogy (Dobbs, Michael)

The House of Secrets (Meltzer, Brad)

The House of the Seven Gables (Hawthorne, Nathaniel)

The House on the Strand (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Human Factor (Greene, Graham)

The Human Stain (Roth, Philip)

The Humbling (Roth, Philip)

The Hunt for Red October (Clancy, Tom)

The Hunted (Leonard, Elmore)

The Hunter (Stark, Richard)

The Hunters (Salter, James)

The Hunting Party (Foley, Lucy)

The Hunting Wind (Hamilton, Steve)

The Huntress (Quinn, Kate)

The Icarus Agenda (Ludlum, Robert)

The Immortalists (Benjamin, Chloe)

The Incendiaries (Kwon, R. O.)

The Infinite Blacktop (Gran, Sara)

The Informers (Ellis, Brett Easton)

The Inimitable Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Innocents (Atkins, Ace)

The Institute (Cain, James M.)

The Institute (King, Stephen)

The Interestings (Wolitzer, Meg)

The Intern (Hurwitz, Gregg)

The Intrusion of Jimmy (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Ipcress File (Deighton, Len)

The Iron Man (Howard, Robert E.)

The Iron Tiger (Higgins, Jack)

The Island of the Day Before (Eco, Umberto)

The Ivy Tree (Stewart, Mary)

The Jane Austen Book Club (Fowler, Karen Joy)

The Janson Directive (Ludlum, Robert)

The Janus Stone (Griffiths, Elly)

The Jester (Patterson, James)

The Job (Evanovich, Janet)

The Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Collection (Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von)

The John Corey Collection (Demille, Nelson)

The Judas Strain (Rollins, James)

The Judge (Martini, Steve)

The Jury (Martini, Steve)

The Keepers of the House (Grau, Shirley Ann)

The Kept Woman (Slaughter, Karin)

The Key to Rebecca (Follett, Ken)

The Kill Artist (Silva, Daniel)

The Kill List (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Killer Next Door (Marwood, Alex)

The Killing Habit (Billingham, Mark)

The Killing Kind (Connolly, John)

The King of Lies (Hart, John)

The King of Torts (Grisham, John)

The King's General (du Maurier, Daphne)

The King's Own Virginians (Bernstein, Lenny)

The Kings of Cool: A Prequel to Savages (Winslow, Don)

The Known World (Jones, Edward P.)

The Kommandant's Girl (Jenoff, Pam)

The Kraken Project (Preston, Douglas)

The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Stories (Tolstoy, Leo)

The Labyrinth Makers (Price, Anthony)

The Lacuna (Kingsolver, Barbara)

The Lady with the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904 (Chekhov, Anton)

The Lake House (When the Wind Blows Book 2) (Patterson, James)

The Land of Painted Caves (Auel, Jean M.)

The Language of Bees (King, Laurie R.)

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden (Johnson, Denis)

The Last Alchemist (Murphy, Warren)

The Last Child (Hart, John)

The Last Coyote (Connelly, Michael)

The Last Demon (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

The Last Dragon (Murphy, Warren)

The Last Frontier (MacLean, Alistair)

The Last Houseparty (Dickinson, Peter)

The Last Juror (Grisham, John)

The Last Kind Words Saloon (McMurtry, Larry)

The Last Man (Flynn, Vince)

The Last Mile (Baldacci, David)

The Last Novel (Markson, David)

The Last Oracle (Rollins, James)

The Last Patriot (Thor, Brad)

The Last Place You Look (Lepionka, Kristen)

The Last Precinct (Cornwell, Patricia)

The Last Temple (Murphy, Warren)

The Last Temptation of Christ (Kazantzakis, Nikos)

The Last Watchman of Old Cairo (Lukas, Michael David)

The Last Worthless Evening (Dubus, Andre)

The Laughing Monsters (Johnson, Denis)

The Law at Randado (Leonard, Elmore)

The Laws of Our Fathers (Turow, Scott)

The Lawyer Lifeguard (Patterson, James)

The Lay of the Land (Ford, Richard)

The Lazarus Vendetta (Ludlum, Robert)

The Levanter (Ambler, Eric)

The Light Between Oceans: A Novel (Stedman, M. L.)

The Lincoln Lawyer (Connelly, Michael)

The Lions of Lucerne (Thor, Brad)

The List (Martini, Steve)

The Litigators (Grisham, John)

The Little Drummer Girl (Le Carré, John)

The Little Nugget (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Little Warrior (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Lively Dead (Dickinson, Peter)

The Lock Artist (Hamilton, Steve)

The Log From the Sea of Cortez (Steinbeck, John)

The Lonely Sea (MacLean, Alistair)

The Lonesome Dove Chronicles (McMurtry, Larry)

The Long Saturday Night (Williams, Charles)

The Long Ships (Bengtsson, Frans G.)

The Long Valley (Steinbeck, John)

The Long Way Home (Penny, Louise)

The Loo Sanction (Trevanian)

The Looking Glass War (Le Carré, John)

The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole, 1999-2001 (Townsend, Sue)

The Lost Girls of Paris (Jenoff, Pam)

The Lost Man (Harper, Jane)

The Lost Ones (Atkins, Ace)

The Lost Years (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The Lottery Winner (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The Lovely Bones (Sebold, Alice)

The Lovers (Connolly, John)

The Loving Spirit (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Luck of the Bodkins (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Lucky Stiff (Rice, Craig)

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (Moore, Christopher)

The Lying Game (Ware, Ruth)

The Magic Mountain (Mann, Thomas)

The Magic Wagon (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Magician's Wife (Cain, James M.)

The Magnificent Ambersons (Tarkington, Booth)

The Magus (Fowles, John)

The Main (Trevanian)

The Maltese falcon (Hammett, Dashiell)

The Mammoth Hunters (Auel, Jean M.)

The Man Upstairs and Other Stories (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Man With Two Left Feet: And Other Stories (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Man With the Golden Gun (Fleming, Ian)

The Man from St. Petersburg (Follett, Ken)

The Man in the Brown Suit (Christie, Agatha)

The Man in the Queue (Tey, Josephine)

The Man with the Getaway Face (Stark, Richard)

The Manchurian Candidate (Condon, Richard)

The Mansion (Faulkner, William)

The Marble Faun and a Green Bough (Faulkner, William)

The Marching Season (Silva, Daniel)

The Mark of the Assassin (Silva, Daniel)

The Mars Room (Kushner, Rachel)

The Master Falconer (Box, C. J.)

The Master and Margarita (Bulgakov, Mikhail)

The Matarese Circle (Ludlum, Robert)

The Matarese Countdown (Ludlum, Robert)

The Mating Season (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Maze at Windermere (Smith, Gregory Blake)

The Memoirs of a Survivor (Lessing, Doris)

The Memory Trap (Price, Anthony)

The Memory of Running (McLarty, Ron)

The Mercy Seat (Winthrop, Elizabeth H.)

The Messenger (Silva, Daniel)

The Metamorphosis and Other Stories (Kafka, Franz)

The Midnight Club (Patterson, James)

The Midnight Line (Child, Lee)

The Midnight Man (Doherty, Paul C.)

The Midnight Watch (Rollins, James)

The Millionaires (Meltzer, Brad)

The Ministry of Fear (Greene, Graham)

The Mirror Crack's From Side to Side (Christie, Agatha)

The Misanthrope and Other Plays (Moliere, Jean-Baptiste)

The Mission Song (Le Carré, John)

The Mist (King, Stephen)

The Modigliani Scandal (Follett, Ken)

The Monkey's Raincoat (Crais, Robert)

The Monster in the Box (Rendell, Ruth)

The Moon Is Down (Steinbeck, John)

The Moonshine War (Leonard, Elmore)

The Moor (King, Laurie R.)

The Moores Are Missing (Patterson, James)

The Moscow Club (Finder, Joseph)

The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse (Stonehouse)

The Moviegoer (Percy, Walker)

The Moving Finger (Christie, Agatha)

The Murder Book (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Murder House (Patterson, James)

The Murder at the Vicarage (Christie, Agatha)

The Murder of King Tut: The Plot to Kill the Child King - a Nonfiction Thriller (Patterson, James)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Christie, Agatha)

The Murderer's Daughter (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Christie, Agatha)

The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana (Eco, Umberto)

The Mystery of the Blue Train (Christie, Agatha)

The Naive and Sentimental Lover (Le Carré, John)

The Naked and the Dead: 50th Anniversary Edition, With a New Introduction by the Author (Mailer, Norman)

The Name Is Malone (Rice, Craig)

The Name of The Rose (Eco, Umberto)

The Names (DeLillo, Don)

The Naming Of The Dead (Rankin, Ian)

The Narrows (Connelly, Michael)

The Naturalist (Mayne, Andrew)

The Nature of the Beast (Penny, Louise)

The Nearest Exit (Steinhauer, Olen)

The Negotiator (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Neighbor (Gardner, Lisa)

The Neon Rain (Burke, James Lee)

The New Iberia Blues (Burke, James Lee)

The New Yorker, Dec. 28, 1968 "The Cafeteria" (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

The Newton Letter (Banville, John)

The Night Manager (Le Carré, John)

The Night Morningstar (O'Donnell, Peter)

The Night Visitors (Goodman, Carol)

The Nine Tailors (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

The Novel (Michener, James)

The Nowhere Man (Hurwitz, Gregg)

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2014 (Furman, Laura)

The O. Henry Prize Stories 2017 (Furman, Laura)

The Obsidian Chamber (Preston, Douglas)

The Odessa File (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel (Kazantzakis, Nikos)

The Old Blue Line (Jance, J. A.)

The Old Man and the Sea (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Old Vengeful (Price, Anthony)

The Old Wives' Tale (Bennett, Arnold)

The Optimist's Daughter (Welty, Eudora)

The Oracle of Stamboul (Lukas, Michael David)

The Orchids (Cook, Thomas H.)

The Origin of the Brunists (Coover, Robert)

The Orphan's Tale (Jenoff, Pam)

The Outcast Dead (Griffiths, Elly)

The Outfit (Stark, Richard)

The Outsider (King, Stephen)

The Overlook (Connelly, Michael)

The Oxford Book of American Short Stories (Oates, Joyce Carol)

The PEN O. Henry Prize Stories 2012 (Furman, Laura)

The Painter (Heller, Peter)

The Pale Horse (Christie, Agatha)

The Paris Option (Ludlum, Robert)

The Partner (Grisham, John)

The Pastures of Heaven (Steinbeck, John)

The Paying Guests (Waters, Sarah)

The Pearl (Steinbeck, John)

The Pelican Brief (Grisham, John)

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much (Andrews, Donna)

The Phantom Of Manhattan (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Pilgrim of Hate (Peters, Ellis)

The Pilgrim's Progress (Bunyan, John)

The Pilgrimage (Coelho, Paulo)

The Pillars of the Earth (Follett, Ken)

The Plague (Camus, Albert)

The Plains of Passage (Auel, Jean M.)

The Poet (Connelly, Michael)

The Poisonwood Bible (Kingsolver, Barbara)

The Polish Officer (Furst, Alan)

The Politeness of Princes (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Portable Anais Nin (Nin, Anaïs)

The Portable Hawthorne (Hawthorne, Nathaniel)

The Portrait of a Lady (James, Henry)

The Position (Wolitzer, Meg)

The Postman Always Rings Twice (Cain, James M.)

The Pothunters (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Potter's Field (Peters, Ellis)

The Power and the Glory (Greene, Graham)

The Power of the Dog (Winslow, Don)

The Poyson Garden (Harper, Karen)

The Prague Orgy (Roth, Philip)

The President Is Missing (Patterson, James)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: The Girls of Slender Means ; The Driver's Seat ; The Only Problem (Spark, Muriel)

The Prince and Betty (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Prisoner and the Fugitive (Proust, Marcel)

The Professor of Desire (Roth, Philip)

The Prophet (Koryta, Michael)

The Pursuit (Evanovich, Janet)

The Queene's Christmas (Harper, Karen)

The Queene's Cure (Harper, Karen)

The Quest (Demille, Nelson)

The Quest for Anna Klein (Cook, Thomas H.)

The Quick Red Fox (MacDonald, John D.)

The Quickie (Patterson, James)

The Quiet Game (Iles, Greg)

The Racketeer (Grisham, John)

The Rainbow (Lawrence, D. H.)

The Ranger (Atkins, Ace)

The Raven in the Foregate (Peters, Ellis)

The Real Macaw (Andrews, Donna)

The Reapers (Connolly, John)

The Red Hunter A Novel (Unger, Lisa)

The Red Pony (Steinbeck, John)

The Red Road (Mina, Denise)

The Red Scream (Walker, Mary Willis)

The Red and the Black (Stendhal)

The Redeemers (Atkins, Ace)

The Reivers (Faulkner, William)

The Remains of the Day (Ishiguro, Kazuo)

The Rembrandt Affair (Silva, Daniel)

The Restored Finnegans Wake (Joyce, James)

The Resuscitation of a Hanged Man (Johnson, Denis)

The Reversal (Connelly, Michael)

The Riddle of the Sands (Childers, Erskine)

The Ridge (Koryta, Michael)

The Right Murder (Rice, Craig)

The Right Thing to Do (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Road Through the Wall (Jackson, Shirley)

The Road to Ruin (Westlake, Donald E.)

The Rooster Bar (Grisham, John)

The Rose Rent (Peters, Ellis)

The Rose of Sebastopol (McMahon, Katharine)

The Rule of Nine (Martini, Steve)

The Rules of Attraction (Ellis, Brett Easton)

The Rum Diary (Thompson, Hunter S)

The Runaway Jury (Grisham, John)

The Russia House (Le Carré, John)

The Safe Man: A Ghost Story (Connelly, Michael)

The Sailcloth Shroud (Williams, Charles)

The Salzburg Connection (Macinnes, Helen)

The Sanctuary Sparrow (Peters, Ellis)

The Satan Bug (MacLean, Alistair)

The Scam (Evanovich, Janet)

The Scapegoat (du Maurier, Daphne)

The Scarecrow (Connelly, Michael)

The Scarlatti Inheritance (Ludlum, Robert)

The Scarpetta Factor (Cornwell, Patricia)

The Schirmer Inheritance (Ambler, Eric)

The Score (Stark, Richard)

The Sealed Letter (Donoghue, Emma)

The Second Life of Nick Mason (Hamilton, Steve)

The Second Man (Martini, Steve)

The Second Rumpole Omnibus (Mortimer, John)

The Secret Adversary (Christie, Agatha)

The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale (Conrad, Joseph)

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ (Townsend, Sue)

The Secret History (Tartt, Donna)

The Secret Pilgrim (Le Carré, John)

The Secret Servant (Silva, Daniel)

The Secret of Chimneys (Christie, Agatha)

The Selected Prose of Fernando Pessoa (Pessoa, Fernando)

The Sellout (Beatty, Paul)

The Serpent of Venice (Moore, Christopher)

The Seven Dials Mystery (Christie, Agatha)

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Reid, Taylor Jenkins)

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution: Being a Reprint From the Reminiscences of John H. Watson, M.D. (Meyer, Nicholas)

The Seventh Plague (Rollins, James)

The Seventh Stone (Murphy, Warren)

The Shadow of Your Smile (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The Shell Game (Evanovich, Janet)

The Sheltering Sky (Paul Bowles)

The Shelters of Stone (Auel, Jean M.)

The Shepherd (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Shining (King, Stephen)

The Shipping News (Proulx, Annie)

The Short Reign of Pippin IV (Steinbeck, John)

The Shorter Poems (Spenser, Edmund)

The Shut-In (Patterson, James)

The Sigma Protocol (Ludlum, Robert)

The Silence of the Lambs (Harris, Thomas)

The Silver Mistress (O'Donnell, Peter)

The Simeon Chamber (Martini, Steve)

The Singing Sands (Tey, Josephine)

The Sinister Pig (Hillerman, Tony)

The Sittaford Mystery (Christie, Agatha)

The Skeleton Key (Rollins, James)

The Sky is Falling (Murphy, Warren)

The Sleeping Beauty Killer (Clark, Mary Higgins)

The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Soho Press Book of 80s Short Fiction (Peck, Dale)

The Song Is You (Phillips, Arthur)

The Sons (Kafka, Franz)

The Sound and the Fury (Faulkner, William)

The Source (Michener, James)

The Speaker of Mandarin (Rendell, Ruth)

The Spies of Warsaw (Furst, Alan)

The Spinoza of Market Street (Singer, Isaac Bashevis)

The Sportswriter (Ford, Richard)

The Sprouts of Wrath (Rankin, Robert)

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold (Le Carré, John)

The Spy Who Loved Me (Fleming, Ian)

The Spy in the Ointment (Westlake, Donald E.)

The Square (Duras Marguerite)

The Stand (King, Stephen)

The Steppe and Other Stories, 1887-91 (Chekhov, Anton)

The Stone Diaries (Shields, Carol)

The Store (Patterson, James)

The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake (Pancake, Breece D'j)

The Stories of John Cheever (Cheever, John)

The Story Of O (Réage, Pauline)

The Storyteller (Llosa, Mario Vargas)

The Stranger (Camus, Albert)

The Stupidest Angel (Moore, Christopher)

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror (v2.0) (Moore, Christopher)

The Sultan's Battery (Aravind, Adiga)

The Sum of All Fears (Clancy, Tom)

The Summer Before the Dark (Lessing, Doris)

The Summer Guest (Cronin, Justin)

The Summer of the Danes (Peters, Ellis)

The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Sunbird (Smith, Wilbur)

The Survivor (Flynn, Vince)

The Survivor (Hurwitz, Gregg)

The Suspect (Barton, Fiona)

The Sweetheart Season (Fowler, Karen Joy)

The Swiss Family Robinson (Wyss, Johann D.)

The Switch (Leonard, Elmore)

The Switch (Finder, Joseph)

The Swoop: How Clarence Saved England (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The Taiga Syndrome (Garza, Cristina Rivera)

The Tailor of Panama (Le Carré, John)

The Take (Reich, Christopher)

The Talbot Odyssey (Demille, Nelson)

The Tale of Genji (Shikibu, Murasaki)

The Talented Mr Ripley (Highsmith, Patricia)

The Tattooed Girl (Oates, Joyce Carol)

The Teeth of the Tiger (Clancy, Tom)

The Templar Legacy (Berry, Steve)

The Temptation of Forgiveness (Leon, Donna)

The Tenth Justice (Meltzer, Brad)

The Testament (Grisham, John)

The Thicket (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Thin Man (Hammett, Dashiell)

The Things They Carried (O'Brien, Tim)

The Things We Cherished (Jenoff, Pam)

The Third Man (Greene, Graham)

The Third Option (Flynn, Vince)

The Third Rumpole Omnibus (Mortimer, John)

The Third Twin (Follett, Ken)

The Thirty-Nine Steps (Collins Classics) (Buchan, John)

The Thomas Berryman Number (Patterson, James)

The Thorne Maze (Harper, Karen)

The Thousand Faces of Night (Higgins, Jack)

The Tidal Poole (Harper, Karen)

The Times Are Never So Bad (Dubus, Andre)

The Tin Drum (Grass, Günter)

The Tin Roof Blowdown (Burke, James Lee)

The Tinder Box (Walters, Minette)

The Torrents of Spring (Hemingway, Ernest)

The Toughest Indian in the World (Alexie, Sherman)

The Tourist (Steinhauer, Olen)

The Town (Hogan, Chuck)

The Town (Faulkner, William)

The Town That Forgot How to Breathe (Harvey, Kenneth J.)

The Tragedy of Arthur (Phillips, Arthur)

The Treatment (Hayder, Mo)

The Trial (Kafka, Franz)

The Trial of Callista Blake (Pangborn, Edgar)

The Tristan Betrayal (Ludlum, Robert)

The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller (Grisham, John)

The Turn of the Screw and Other Short Novels (James, Henry)

The Two-Bear Mambo (Lansdale, Joe R.)

The Twylight Tower (Harper, Karen)

The Táin (Uistin, Liam Mac)

The Ultimate Death (Murphy, Warren)

The Underground Railroad (Whitehead, Colson)

The Unexpected Guest (Christie, Agatha)

The Universal Baseball Association (Coover, Robert)

The Unnamable (Beckett, Samuel)

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

The Unquiet (Connolly, John)

The Unremarkable Heart (Slaughter, Karin)

The Unvanquished (Faulkner, William)

The Valhalla Exchange (Higgins, Jack)

The Valkyries (Coelho, Paulo)

The Valley of Horses (Auel, Jean M.)

The Vault (Rendell, Ruth)

The Veiled One (Rendell, Ruth)

The Venetian Affair (Macinnes, Helen)

The Veteran (Forsyth, Frederick)

The Visiting Privilege (Williams, Joy)

The Wailing Wind (Hillerman, Tony)

The Walking Dead Collection (Robert Kirkman)

The Wapshot Chronicle (Cheever, John)

The Wapshot Scandal (Cheever, John)

The Watermen: Selections From Chesapeake (Michener, James)

The Waters of Eternal Youth (Leon, Donna)

The Way by Swann's (Proust, Marcel)

The Way of All Flesh (Butler, Samuel)

The Way to Dusty Death (MacLean, Alistair)

The Wayward Bus (Steinbeck, John)

The Web (Kellerman, Jonathan)

The Western Star (Johnson, Craig)

The Wheel of Darkness (Preston, Douglas)

The Whisperers (Connolly, John)

The Whispering Hollows (Unger, Lisa)

The Whistler (Grisham, John)

The White Boy Shuffle (Beatty, Paul)

The White Feather (Wodehouse, P.G.)

The White Road (Connolly, John)

The White Tiger (Adiga, Aravind)

The Wicked Girls (Marwood, Alex)

The Widow (Barton, Fiona)

The Wife (Wolitzer, Meg)

The Wife Between Us (Hendricks, Greer)

The Wife Between Us (Hendricks, Greer)

The Wife: A Novel of Psychological Suspense (Burke, Alafair)

The Wind Done Gone: A Novel (Randall, Alice)

The Winner Stands Alone (Coelho, Paulo)

The Winter of Our Discontent (Steinbeck, John)

The Wishbones (Perrotta, Tom)

The Witch of Portobello (Coelho, Paulo)

The Witnesses (Patterson, James)

The Wolf in Winter (Connolly, John)

The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits (Donoghue, Emma)

The Woman in Blue (Ruth Galloway Mysteries) (Griffiths, Elly)

The Woman in Cabin 10 (Ware, Ruth)

The Woman in White (Collins, Wilkie)

The Woman in the Window (Finn, A. J.)

The Word Is Murder (Horowitz, Anthony)

The Works of Honoré De Balzac (Balzac, Honoré de)

The World According to Garp (Irving, John)

The World Is My Home: A Memoir (Michener, James)

The World at Night (Furst, Alan)

The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 2: Second Annual Collection (Gorman, Ed)

The Wrath of Angels (Connolly, John)

The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Connelly, Michael)

The Wrong Stuff (Murphy, Warren)

The Wrong Venus (Williams, Charles)

The Xanadu Talisman (O'Donnell, Peter)

The Yiddish Policemen's Union (Chabon, Michael)

The Zahir (Coelho, Paulo)

The Zero Game (Meltzer, Brad)

The Zero Hour (Finder, Joseph)

The Zig Zag Girl (Griffiths, Elly)

Their Eyes Were Watching God (Hurston, Zora Neale)

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (Grisham, John)

Theodore Boone: The Abduction (Grisham, John)

Theodore Boone: The Accused (Grisham, John)

Theodore Boone: The Activist (Grisham, John)

Theodore Boone: The Fugitive (Grisham, John)

Theodore Boone: The Scandal (Grisham, John)

Therapy (Kellerman, Jonathan)

These 13 (Faulkner, William)

They Came to Baghdad (Christie, Agatha)

They Do It With Mirrors (Christie, Agatha)

Thick as Thieves (Spiegelman, Peter)

Thieves Dozen (Westlake, Donald E.)

Things Fall Apart (Achebe, Chinua)

Thinner (King, Stephen)

Third Girl (Christie, Agatha)

Thirteen Stories (Welty, Eudora)

This Fallen Prey (Armstrong, Kelley)

This Is My Life (Wolitzer, Meg)

This Is Not a Novel (Markson, David)

This Rough Magic (Stewart, Mary)

Thornyhold (Stewart, Mary)

Those Who Knew (Novey, Idra)

Those Who Wish Me Dead (Koryta, Michael)

Threat Warning (Gilstrap, John)

Three Act Tragedy (Christie, Agatha)

Three Early Novels: The Old Boys, the Boarding-House, the Love Department (Trevor, William)

Three Famous Short Novels (Faulkner, William)

Three Novels (Beckett, Samuel)

Three Parts Dead (James, Glynn)

Three Stories (Salinger, J.D.)

Three Twisted Stories: Go Deep, Necessary Women, Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line (Slaughter, Karin)

Three by Cain: Serenade, Love's Lovely Counterfeit, the Butterfly (Cain, James M.)

Three to Get Deadly (Evanovich, Janet)

Three-Day Town (Maron, Margaret)

Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories (Leonard, Elmore)

Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up All Night (Patterson, James)

Through a Glass, Darkly (Leon, Donna)

Thunder on the Right (Stewart, Mary)

Thunderball (Fleming, Ian)

Thunderstruck & Other Stories (McCracken, Elizabeth)

Timber Line (Murphy, Warren)

Time Bomb (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Time Trial (Murphy, Warren)

Time of Death (Billingham, Mark)

Timeline (Crichton, Michael)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Le Carré, John)

Tinkers (Harding, Paul)

Tipping the Velvet (Waters, Sarah)

Tishomingo Blues (Leonard, Elmore)

To Catch a King (Higgins, Jack)

To Have and Have Not (Hemingway, Ernest)

To Kill A Mockingbird (Lee, Harper)

To Love and Be Wise (Tey, Josephine)

To The Hilt (Francis, Dick)

To a God Unknown (Steinbeck, John)

To the Lighthouse (Woolf, Virginia)

To the Nines (Evanovich, Janet)

Tobacco Road (Erskine Caldwell)

Tombstone Courage (Jance, J. A.)

Tomorrow's ghost (Price, Anthony)

Tooth And Nail (Rankin, Ian)

Top Secret Twenty-One (Evanovich, Janet)

Top of the Heap (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Topkapi (Ambler, Eric)

Toronto Noir (Armin, Janine)

Tortilla Flat (Steinbeck, John)

Total Recall (Murphy, Warren)

Toucan Keep a Secret (Andrews, Donna)

Touch (Leonard, Elmore)

Touch Not the Cat (Stewart, Mary)

Toward the End of Time (Updike, John)

Towards Zero (Christie, Agatha)

Toys (Patterson, James)

Trace (Cornwell, Patricia)

Tracker (Rollins, James)

Trader of Secrets (Martini, Steve)

Train Dreams (Johnson, Denis)

Transfer of Power (Flynn, Vince)

Trap Line (Hiaasen, Carl)

Travels With My Aunt (Greene, Graham)

Travesties (Stoppard, Tom)

Trial Run (Francis, Dick)

Trial by Fire (Jance, J. A.)

Trial by Fury (Jance, J. A.)

Tricky Twenty-Two (Evanovich, Janet)

Trinidad Noir (Allen-Agostini, Lisa)

Triptych (Slaughter, Karin)

Tripwire (Child, Lee)

Tristram Shandy and A Sentimental Journey (Sterne, Laurence)

Trojan Women, Helen, Hecuba (Euripides)

Trophy Hunt (Box, C. J.)

Tropic of Cancer (Miller, Henry)

Trouble in Paradise (Parker, Robert B.)

Troubled Waters (Murphy, Warren)

True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole (Townsend, Sue)

True Detectives (Kellerman, Jonathan)

True at First Light (Hemingway, Ernest)

Trunk Music (Connelly, Michael)

Truth or Die (Patterson, James)

Tuff (Beatty, Paul)

Turbo Twenty-Three (Evanovich, Janet)

Turn on the Heat (Gardner, Erle Stanley)

Turning Angel (Iles, Greg)

Twelve Sharp (Evanovich, Janet)

Twice Shy (Francis, Dick)

Twilight (Wiesel, Elie)

Twin Cities Noir (Schaper, Julie)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Spy (Deighton, Len)

Twisted (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Two From the Heart (Patterson, James)

Two Graves (Preston, Douglas)

Two Kinds of Truth (Connelly, Michael)

Two for the Dough (Evanovich, Janet)

Tyrannosaur Canyon (Preston, Douglas)

U Is for Undertow (Grafton, Sue)

UNSUB (Gardiner, Meg)

USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series (Temple, Johnny)

Ukridge (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Ulysses (Joyce, James)

Uncle Dynamite (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Uncle Fred in the Springtime (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Uncle Sagamore and His Girls (Williams, Charles)

Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner (Faulkner, William)

Uncommon Clay (Maron, Margaret)

Under Western Eyes (Conrad, Joseph)

Under the Autumn Star (Hamsun, Knut)

Under the Beetle's Cellar (Walker, Mary Willis)

Under the Dome (King, Stephen)

Under the Jaguar Sun (Calvino, Italo)

Under the Net (Murdoch, Iris)

Under the Volcano (Lowry, Malcolm)

Underworld (DeLillo, Don)

Undone (Slaughter, Karin)

Undue Influence (Martini, Steve)

Uneasy Money (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Uniform Justice (Leon, Donna)

Union Bust (Murphy, Warren)

Unite and Conquer (Murphy, Warren)

Universal Harvester (Darnielle, John)

Unknown Man #89 (Leonard, Elmore)

Unnatural Death (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Unnatural Exposure (Cornwell, Patricia)

Unnatural Selection (Murphy, Warren)

Unseen (Slaughter, Karin)

Unsheltered (Kingsolver, Barbara)

Until I Find You (Irving, John)

Until Proven Guilty (Jance, J. A.)

Up Jumps the Devil (Maron, Margaret)

Up in Honey's Room (Leonard, Elmore)

Use of Force (Thor, Brad)

V Is for Vengeance (Grafton, Sue)

Valdez Is Coming (Leonard, Elmore)

Vanilla Ride (Lansdale, Joe R.)

Vanished (Finder, Joseph)

Vanishing Point: A Novel (Markson, David)

Vendetta (Dibdin, Michael)

Venice Noir (Jakubowski, Maxim)

Veronika Decides to Die (Coelho, Paulo)

Very Good, Jeeves (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Vicious Circle (Littell, Robert)

Vicious Circle (Box, C. J.)

Victims (Kellerman, Jonathan)

Victoria (Hamsun, Knut)

Victory Square (Steinhauer, Olen)

View from Castle Rock (Munro, Alice)

Vintage Murakami (Murakami, Haruki)

Virgin Soil (Turgenev, Ivan)

Visions of Sugar Plums (Evanovich, Janet)

Void Moon (Connelly, Michael)

Voodoo Die (Murphy, Warren)

Vox (Baker, Nicholson)

W Is for Wasted (Grafton, Sue)

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories (Johnson, Craig)

Waiting for Godot (Beckett, Samuel)

Walking Dead (Dickinson, Peter)

Walking Wounded (Murphy, Warren)

Wall Street Noir (Spiegelman, Peter)

Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings (Hamsun, Knut)

War Game (Price, Anthony)

War and Peace (Tolstoy, Leo)

Ward No. 6 and Other Stories, 1892-1895 (Chekhov, Anton)

Waste Not, Want Not (Murphy, Warren)

Watcher in the Woods (Armstrong, Kelley)

Ways to Disappear (Novey, Idra)

Ways to Hide in Winter (Vincent, Sarah St.)

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (Fowler, Karen Joy)

We Are Not Ourselves (Thomas, Matthew)

We Are What We Pretend to Be: The First and Last Works (Vonnegut, Kurt)

We'll Always Have Parrots (Andrews, Donna)

We'll Meet Again (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Web of Evil (Jance, J. A.)

Weep No More My Lady (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Werewolves in Their Youth (Chabon, Michael)

West 47th (Browne, Gerald A.)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (Carver, Raymond)

What You Want to See (Lepionka, Kristen)

What the Dead Know (Lippman, Laura)

What's the Worst That Could Happen? (Westlake, Donald E.)

When Eight Bells Toll (MacLean, Alistair)

When She Was Good (Roth, Philip)

When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? (Carlin, George)

When the Bough Breaks (Kellerman, Jonathan)

When the Nines Roll Over (Benioff, David)

When the Wind Blows (Patterson, James)

When the Women Come Out to Dance (Leonard, Elmore)

Where Are You Now? (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Where Are the Children? (Clark, Mary Higgins)

Where Eagles Dare (MacLean, Alistair)

Where I'm Calling From: Selected Stories (Vintage Contemporaries) (Carver, Raymond)

Where Serpents Lie (Parker, T. Jefferson)

While My Pretty One Sleeps (Clark, Mary Higgins)

White Butterfly (Mosley, Walter)

White Fire (Preston, Douglas)

White Leopard (Guillaume, Laurent)

White Noise (DeLillo, Don)

White Water (Murphy, Warren)

Whiteout (Follett, Ken)

Whose Body? (Sayers, Dorothy L.)

Why Didnt They Ask Evans (Christie, Agatha)

Why Me? (Westlake, Donald E.)

Wide Sargasso Sea (Rhys, Jean)

Wifey (Blume, Judy)

Wild Horses (Francis, Dick)

Wilderness of Spring (Pangborn, Edgar)

Wildfire at Midnight (Stewart, Mary)

Wilful Behaviour (Leon, Donna)

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? (Carver, Raymond)

William Shakespeare Complete Works (Shakespeare, William)

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works 2nd Edition (Shakespeare, William)

William Tell Told Again (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Winesburg, Ohio; A Group of Tales of Ohio Small Town Life (Anderson, Sherwood)

Wings of the Dove (James, Henry)

Winner Take Nothing (Hemingway, Ernest)

Winter (Smith, Ali)

Winter of the Wolf Moon (Hamilton, Steve)

Winter of the World (Follett, Ken)

Winter's Child (Maron, Margaret)

Winterfolk (Kolby, Janel)

Winterkill (Box, C. J.)

Wit's End (Fowler, Karen Joy)

Without Due Process (Jance, J. A.)

Without Fail (Child, Lee)

Without Remorse (Clancy, Tom)

Without Warning (Birmingham, John)

Witness to a Trial: A Short Story Prequel to the Whistler (Kindle Single) (Grisham, John)

Wittgenstein's Mistress (Markson, David)

Wittgenstein's Mistress (Markson, David)

Wolf (Jack Caffery) (Hayder, Mo)

Wolf to the Slaughter (Rendell, Ruth)

Wolf's Bane (Murphy, Warren)

Woman (Matheson, Richard)

Woman of God (Patterson, James)

Women in Love (Lawrence, D. H.)

Wonder Boys (Chabon, Michael)

Word of Honor (Demille, Nelson)

Word of Mouse (Patterson, James)

Works of Ivan Turgenev (Turgenev, Ivan)

World Gone By (Lehane, Dennis)

Worth Dying For (Child, Lee)

Wuthering Heights (Brontë, Emily)

X (Grafton, Sue)

Y Is for Yesterday (Grafton, Sue)

You Belong to Me (Clark, Mary Higgins)

You Know You Want This (Roupenian, Kristen)

You Live Once (MacDonald, John D.)

You Only Live Twice (Fleming, Ian)

You Suck: A Love Story (Moore, Christopher)

You've Been Warned (Patterson, James)

You've Been Warned--Again (Patterson, James)

You've Got Murder (Andrews, Donna)

Young Men in Spats (Wodehouse, P.G.)

Zero Hour (McNab, Andy)

Zodiac (Stephenson, Neal)

Zoo (Patterson, James)

Zoo 2 (Patterson, James)

Zorba the Greek (Kazantzakis, Nikos)

Zuckerman Unbound (Roth, Philip)

Zuleika Dobson (Beerbohm, Sir Max)

king's Curse (Murphy, Warren)

t zero (Calvino, Italo)

the Impossible Virgin (O'Donnell, Peter)