Beef and lentil curry stew

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1. Add 2 tablespoon olive oil and let it warm up on medium heat

2. At 2 minutes add onions and let it simmer See Photo

3. At 4 minutes add curry powder, cinnamon stick, turmeric, garlic and salt let it simmer

4. At 6 minutes add washed red lentil and 3 cups of water. Cover with lid.

5. At 21 minutes add Spinach See Photo

6. At 31 minutes add coconut milk

7. At 37 minutes switch off stove


1. Marinate beef cubes with Worcester Sauce, Soy, Garlic, Salt See Photo

2. Add two tablespoon of olive and heat on high heat

3. At 4 minutes add beef cubes

4. Stir frequently on high heat until beef is cooked (about ten minutes)

5. At 14 minutes reduce heat to medium heat and add onion See Photo

6. At 18 minutes take off stove and let it cool