(Refresh for new bluster)

Trump says:

Americans will finally wake up in the world. And I will tell you what, if he wants to— I have to stop, and it can be— and— and it has been picking up the Second Amendment. End— end Common Core. Common Core should— it is so bloated. Be careful of a sudden, at the airports which is why I alone can fix it. I don’t have talented people, they wanted to make our country could never do that like me. Does my family like me? I think I’m actually a very nice reporter, “But, Mr. Trump, you’re not a nice billion

Putin says:

Russia’s GDP from intellectual property turnover comes to almost seven million people. And specialists in this area that deserve support. I am asking the Health Ministry to work on this programme. There is another problem that requires urgent resolution. Even today, many schools operate with two shifts. This is true for nearly one quarter of Russian schools. Teachers must be done within the limits of the benefits and support provided by the end of March 2014. We all know that the labour market tension and targeted support for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs should also lose the right way. All organisations

Obama says:

it done. And because he’s gone to the mat for all and offering every student the hands-on computer science and math classes that make them job-ready on day one. We should recruit and support more good jobs here in America. With TPP, China does not set the rules in that kind of propaganda they use to recruit. We don’t need to land a good-paying job. The bipartisan reform of No Child Left Behind was an important start, and together, we’ve increased early childhood education, lifted high school graduation rates to new highs, boosted graduates in fields like engineering. In the years,