(Refresh for new bluster)

Trump says:

what they’re doing.” We have nothing. We can’t even answer simple questions. It was terrible. But Saudi Arabia without us is gone. They’re gone. And I’m the one thing is that things will never be in a third world country. You look at us and they get five killer terrorists that everybody wanted over there. Ask Boeing. They wanted Boeing’s secrets. They wanted Boeing’s secrets. They wanted their patents and all of the National Rifle Association and will work directly with them all over the ships. We say “we’re gonna protect.” What are we doing? They’ve got nothing but money. the

Putin says:

will tell you frankly that so far, the results are barely perceptible. Let me repeat that if a decision has been stated here must be accessible not just material existence but also creating a new federal network of centres capable of providing medical assistance at the expert level. Our integration project is based on the human genome sequence. This will enable all students to study, receive military training for their next military assignment and a return to today. Why is that? I will stress again that government and private ones, which is a conservative position. But speaking in the form additional

Obama says:

stop the flow of terrorist fighters, and stamp out that epidemic. Hundreds of thousands, maybe a couple million lives were saved. That’s how we forged a Trans-Pacific Partnership to open markets, and protect workers and the world, authorize the use of military power, and rallying the world -- except when we listen only to those who agree with us. Our public life reflects the goodness and the teacher who comes in early because he knows she might someday cure a disease. I see it in the red. We’ve already reduced student loan payments to 10 percent of a voice, not The